News: ST: Ratliff's agent on the NBC Report that the Cowboys are done with his client: "That's news...

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    Jay Ratliff's agent Mark Slough appeared to be blindsided by a report on NBC that the Cowboys have are done with his client.

    According to Michele Tafoya: “My interpretation based on Jerry Jones’ body language and his tone is that Jay Ratliff will not be playing for the Cowboys anymore.”

    Slough's response: "News to me. That has not been communicated to me. If a decision like that has been made, I don't know about it."

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also distanced himself from the report after the game. He said no decision has been made on Ratliff.

    “I’m not familiar with that report,” Jones said “Didn’t hear it, and certainly our plans are to visit, not only with him, but medical, look and see what we’re going to do with our timing on any pup or IR considerations. But we’ve still got a lot of work and decisions to make there."

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