News: ST: Scouting report: Chiefs get ready for Cowboys with ‘shutout’ in back pocket

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    [CDATA[New attacking defense wants to make a statement against the Cowboys]]>

    By Carlos Mendez

    The Kansas City Chiefs are calling what they did in Jacksonville last week a shutout.

    Hard to blame them.

    They gave up two points on a safety when a punt was blocked out of the end zone, but the defense did not let the Jaguars offense in the end zone. Zero points given up. That’s a shutout.

    “I think the defense had a dominant game,” new Chiefs coach Andy Reid told Kansas City reporters. “They played really well and had a shutout or whatever is equivalent to that. They played with emotion, and I thought they carried that for four quarters which was impressive.”

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    The Cowboys are not Jacksonville. KC and the Sunshine band will find this out on Sunday, when like in all good cowboy movies the Cowboys open up a can of whip-*** on the Chiefs.
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    I really don't know how to view KC.

    They have a QB who could play well for them.

    We will see.
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    Chiefs will encounter the Dallas "Hells Kitchen" Cowboys. They're going down in flames!
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    This will be a very hard game if the BOYs come out sluggish on offense and commit pe-snap penalties that put them in BAD down an distance situations. Hope Waters plays alot and they feed Murray early and often. Run zone LEFT a ton , hit the TE's ( Witten, Escobar, Hanna ) on mis-direction plays , and please get an early lead. We get up by 2 scores and put the pressure on Alex Smith to beat us ,, and the ball game is over. Cowboys 27 Chiefs 17
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    I can see a positive for us is Andy Reid is the coach. We've played him many times before and know his style. We also beat his then Iggles 2x last year. =)
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    It's only a shutout when it reads 0, don't care how they scored but they did. Dallas will score and Dallas will win. Jacksonville? Really?

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