ST: Who should be the Cowboys' top target in free agency?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Free agency starts at 3 p.m. Tuesday. The Cowboys are expected to at least put out feelers on some players. Though they have money to spend, they are not expected to go after the most expensive free agents, including guard Carl Nicks and pass-rusher Mario Williams. But fans can dream. They are expected to show interest in cornerbacks Cortland Finnegan and Brandon Carr as well as in their own free agent, receiver Laurent Robinson.

    Who should be the Cowboys' top target in free agency?

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  2. cowboy_ron

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    Quality over quantity please
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    They have roughly 20mil to spend of which they have to leave a couple of mil at least for in season emergencies. They can expand that with restructuring contracts but they need to be careful with that. It's like borrowing money.

    What are the priorities?

    There are holes at G and C on offense. There are needs at TE and QB. There are concerns at swing tackle albeit minor and WR pending Robinson resigning.

    On defense there are holes at CB. There are needs at S and ILB. There are wants at pass rush, NT, and DE.

    They must get at least one CB in FA. MUST. They should get a C unless they are certain there is one on the roster who can do the job. I wonder about that. They need another CB who can start due to injury and play well in the subs. We don't currently have that unless you stick with Ball who is marginal.

    We can POSSIBLY scrap by with a starting CB and C. I doubt that will make us competitive enough though.
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    Ben Grubbs.
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    It's looking less likely he will even get a chance to test the market. The Ravens are putting together a nice little package for him.
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    Finnegan and Super Mario.

    A veteran center would be nice along with Laurent Robinson as well.
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    I still think they will try and solidify the line with a free agent center and take their chances with what they have on the roster. O-line will not be a ddressed until the 3rd round of the draft.

    The first two rounds will be defense. Not my choice (DeCastro would be my #!) but that's how I see it.
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    it should begin and end with carr. the perfect blend of need and talent.
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    I agree. Would definitely like a vet center, resign Robinson, and a G like the one from the Eagles.

    I would be happy with this haul right before draft.

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