News: ST: Zack Martin's first snaps at center are eye-opening: 'You got a lot going on'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Oh I do.

    When the injuries happened 2 years ago..

    we had no solutions.

    Romo took a beating and the lack of a running game was laughable and embarrassing.

    No more.

    Not with Zack.

    Frederick has been mentioned as more suited to G since arriving.

    So Martin at center makes some sense.

    Martin apparently doesn't have prototypical arm length for T in the pros.

    Therefore no play yet there.

    But I think its where he ends up before the season opens..his natural OT position.
  2. Bullflop

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    Yep, if it happened once, there's no reason why it couldn't happen again. Sure, Bernadeau would more than likely replace Freddy at center, assuming Mr. Bernie stays healthy. If he doesn't, though, there'd be a need for another C to step up. Enter our man Freddy.
  3. Future

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    Fred and Bern go down.
  4. Manwiththeplan

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    Injury to Frederick I guess
  5. Manwiththeplan

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    I've seen worse, best case scenarios for us......
  6. starfrombirth

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    Fred probably needs to rest once in a while as well.... Just saying
  7. Sydla

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    It's a smart move by the team. His growth at OG is not going to be stunted by having some exposure in practice to playing the C position. He's a smart kid who has excellent technique. He likely won't need every waking minute of practice time at OG to be able to handle the position.
  8. jimnabby

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    Hey, it beats Tucker-Allen-Johnson-Rivera-Petitti.

    (Sorry, this post should have one of those trigger warnings associated with it).
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    I now want to puke...
  10. noshame

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    Besides that, I rather see him become a stud at the G position and be prepared to handle whatever front teams throw at him, then we can branch out. Maybe in year 2 or 3.
  11. burmafrd

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    no one with any cred thought Fred would be better at guard then center.
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  12. burmafrd

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    as usual our mediots either do not know or don't bother to tell the whole story. Fact was that for the last 2 years Martin was Notre Dame's emergency game day center. He did snaps during pre season workouts and he also at least for a period each game week did some snaps at center to keep some familiarity with it. I guess expecting mediots to actually do their job right is too much.
  13. conner01

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    very true. and martin took alot of snaps at center in college in practise and it did'nt hurt him there. learning what goes on with other spots on the oline is a good thing. what makes a great oline is working together and knowing a bit about what the other positions do only helps you work together
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  14. BraveHeartFan

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    It's been said all along that this guy could possibly play all the line positions which is one of the big reasons they liked him. I see nothing wrong with getting him some time all along the line for just in case situations.
  15. Redball Express

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    Just the OL coach the HC and the owner/GM..

    but that doesn't count becuz they know zip.

  16. jazzcat22

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    This is the time to look at his versatility. See what he can do, how fast he learns. Do it now, and then they know exactly how to approach TC, as not to hold up any progress when it counts more.
    This is also to see if Bernadeau is expendable if he don't beat out Leary for the LOG position. If they have another young OL they may want to possibly keep and develop, but not lose on the PS, or to waivers when released to put him on the PS. Or to simply keep him on the 53 man roster.

    Now who that may be, I have no idea, as I don't see anyone that jumps out. But the coaches more a lot more than I do. Or any of us.
  17. Craig

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    In an ideal world both starting guards are comfortable at center. I dont see a negative. Of course i don't kill myself to find the negative 24/7 so im not as good at it as some people.
  18. Idgit

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    Bernadeau is going to make the team. He's got starting experience, played well for us, and can play all three interior OL positions. Having two guys who can play all three interior spots, three OTs who can play on either side, and a RT who can move in to OG in a pinch gives us a lot of versatility on the OL on game days. We're just playing around with options and giving everybody a sense of what their line mates' responsibilities are without the pads on right now. It's nice, though, that we might have to cut a decent lineman from the bottom of the roster this year.
  19. jazzcat22

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    That's a good sign, we haven't had to deal with that for a very long time.
    Just hope whoever it is, doesn't go to a NFC East team.
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