Stanford's Mauro closer to Cowboys dream

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 17, 2014.

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    IRVING, Texas -- Josh Mauro was like a lot of kids growing up in the area. He was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. He even attended the final game at Texas Stadium, a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. He hoped one day he would wear the star on his helmet.

    George Frey/Getty ImagesTexas native Josh Mauro had a breakout season for the Stanford Cardinal in 2013.

    Today Mauro, who played defensive line at Stanford after leaving Hurst L.D. Bell, is at Valley Ranch with other Dallas Day hopefuls -- working out for the team while his immediate family watches. Mauro will be joined by other locals like TCU safety Elisha Olabode, Missouri quarterback James Franklin (Corinth), Abilene Christian receiver Taylor Gabriel (Mesquite), Miami defensive back Kacy Rodgers (Southlake Carroll) -- whose dad was the Cowboys defensive line coach from 2003-07 -- and North Texas running back Zach Orr (DeSoto).
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    Might be a good rotational guy at the 1 tech. He plays the run well and he can get pressure from that L-DT spot. He has slow 40 time but on tape he has good closing speed on runners and the QB. I like him .
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    He is 6-6, 271. That does not seem like a 1-tech.

    His best fit in the NFL would be at the 5-tech position. In the Cowboys defense, I guess he would be a SDE.

    His forty was worse than just slow. A 5.21 for a DE is beyond terrible. His 10 yard time was 1.75. DT Timmy Jernigan ran a 1.72.
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    Ugh. That's not good.
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    You are correct, and he's probably only there for the local visit however, I thought I saw him making plays from the left d-tackle position on tape, some nice inside stunts right up the middle, good closing speed, could be wrong, I will re-visit.

    He seems like a good football player, smart and very strong.

    I also tend to think he's slow and will never be a cowboy...hope he finds a home though, pulling for him.

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    Mauro could gain weight guy has a big frame. he would be a very good guy to play in a rotation. All hustle.
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    he is going to have to put on about 30 lbs. Not impossible but stanford has a very good W/T program. Not sure he really can bulk up that much.

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