News: Star: Dallas Cowboys are playing it smarter

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    Dallas Cowboys are playing it smarter
    Posted Friday, Nov. 19, 2010By Jan Hubbard

    IRVING -- In their first five games of the season, the Dallas Cowboys were penalized 49 times for 414 yards. That was not the sole reason they were 1-4, but in an average game, they were surrendering 82.8 yards to the opposition.

    That was not a good practice. Players knew that and they spared no words. They admitted they were playing "dumb football."

    Before the New York Giants visited on Oct. 25, former coach Wade Phillips hired game officials to work during practices and they did more than simply call penalties.

    "A big thing for them is not only telling us what a penalty is," interim coach Jason Garrett said, "but also communicating with the coach and the player as to why it was a penalty and how you can do maybe something differently to prevent that penalty from happening."

    The tactic seems to have worked. In the past four games, the Cowboys have not had more than five penalties in a game. They have given up an average of 40.5 yards per game.

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    Since Wade took over as HC, Cowboys have been penalized in excess of 100 times every season; this year we were on our way to set new records. Thankfully, officials at Wednesday practice has worked out well & penalties down a lot.

    My only question was why did Wade wait so long. Why weren't these officials brought in a few years ago & paid to come in every week throughout the season.

    Glad to hear/read that Garrett intends to continue bringing these officials in every week. He's keeping his eye on the ball which helps him in determining just which players are playing smart.

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