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    In 2007, the state of Utah produced a massive defensive tackle, touted by recruiting observers as one of the best in the nation. Utah's Star Lotulelei, now pegged by many NFL Draft analysts as the country's top interior defensive lineman and a potential top-10 pick, was in that recruiting class, too. Only Lotulelei, now a 315-pounder, was an unheralded three-star prospect who weighed 240 pounds. Few people knew his name.

    I think Feldman is one of the best college writers out there. I'd also love to this guy end up in Dallas.
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    Lotulelei or Alabama's NT Jesse Williams would make a very nice addition to the defensive line next year.
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    Star Lotulelei, DT – Star is the best defensive prospect in the PAC-12 and might be the best defensive prospect in the entire 2013 NFL draft. Lotulelei is enormous and moves like a linebacker. His combination of size, strength and quickness can’t be handled by a single blocker at the college level and requires a constant double team. Star plays with very good leverage and simply over powers linemen off the snap. While Star isn’t Ndamukong Suh, he is the closest thing I have seen to Haloti Ngata since.. Haloti Ngata. I would be very surprised if he isn’t picked in the top 6-7 next April.

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