News: star-telegram: Jerry Jones should take cue from Mark Cuban

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, May 12, 2011.

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    Jerry Jones should take cue from Mark Cuban
    By Randy Galloway

    Could Jerry Jones possibly learn something from Mark Cuban? Is Mark showing Jerry that money, not mouth, is the only ownership way that matters? Am I nuts for even suggesting it?

    Nuts, yes. You got a problem with nuts?

    But that's not the pending question.

    Could Jerry possibly learn something from the "new" Mark?

    The answer: absolutely not.

    But that's never stopped me before. So let's play around with it anyway.

    First, a disclaimer: Please understand the above should not be mistaken for "parade route" kind of questions. Assumptions are not being made here. I'm not partying like it's 2006 with a 2-0 lead.

    From a historical standpoint, the Dallas Mavericks have carved in stone such a monumental achievement that it will be forever more a memory flashback when the local conversation turns to our NBA club.

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    Oh god this is from the article, here we go, I have been hearing this for years on the site and everywhere. I don't understand what people are thinking, my mother could play Mark Cuban one on one, he has no basketball experience at all and should shut up.

    The biggest point I can ever make is Jerry Jones thinks he IS football people. He was co-captain of the '64 Hog national championship team with several Hall of Famers. He was an all SWC offensive lineman, and on a team that had coaches and players like Frank Broyles, Hayden Fry, Johnny Majors, Jimmy Johnson, Ken Hatifield, and Barry Switzer.

    The difference between Jerry and Mark is Jerry actually thinks he knows football cause he actually played it on a high level. In his mind he thinks he is football people. Whether he is or not actually football people is debatable of course, but when we tell him to hire a GM, most of the time in his mind he thinks he knows as much or more than this other person.

    You just have to do a lil history on the man to understand him just a lil. He was the co-captain, yet Jimmy is more of football people. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of him being our GM, it should be easy to see how that would be insulting.

    Bottom line, Mark should shut up cause he doesn't know as much cause he is like a fan that owns a team, but Jerry is totally different. Expect him to be the same Jerry.
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    In my opinion, a lot of the public and media (and I do mean a LOT) do not comprehend this very basic understanding of Jerry Jones' mentality. Very good post.
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    Though you could argue that he should be considered football people. By now anyway through experience. How many GM's played College Football at the major level? And he has been a GM now for 22 years.
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    Mark is an idiot. Period. (believe me, I know) He made his money for two reasons. He is extremely driven (type A personality) and he was in the right place at the right time. Almost every business he has had since the deal has been questionable or an outright a loser. Not to mention he can't keep his foot out of his mouth.
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    While I understand the point of this post, there are a couple of things that should be corrected or put into context.

    1. Jerry Jones was not an all-SWC guard.

    2. All of the seniors on the Arkansas football team were co-captains in 1964. Jimmy Johnson admitted as much to this fact.
  7. iceberg

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    this the same mark cuban that still has not won anything?
  8. CowboyMike

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    Exactly. And if he wasn't a football person back then, he certainly is now. Being a GM for about 20 years will most certainly make you a football person if only because one would learn all that comes from that experience.
  9. Zaxor

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    lets also add this... Jerry has been doing this now for over 20 years at some point in time a person goes from just a person to a football person. just can't find anybody who can tell me the time frame
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    I think they both know much more than many owners but not as much as they think they do.

    Playing offensive lineman in college at a high level does not make you know more about football than someone would know about basketball--when they grew up obsessed about everything relating to basketball (but did not play college ball).

    Playing at a high level does not equate to being more knowledgeable. I suspect Cuban (the nerd that he is) has picked the brains of all the top basketball people for the last 13 years.

    Like I said, they both think they know mroe than they do, most likely. But Cuban has always allowed the basketball people make the basketball decisons. That's not always true with JJ.

    You are correct about Jerry being an outstanding college football player. Some forget that.
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    This is as simple as it gets, if you love football, watch it, play it/ or have played it, you are a football person, plain and simple.
    Now there are different levels to that, majority in this forum are football people from a Fan level and the love of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Now there are some in here that has moved away from just being a fan football person, I'm talking about the ones that has went far and beyond just sitting and watching the games and then blaming players or certain players for the loss, or victory.

    Jerry is a football person, he ig the GM, for crying out loud, inorder to hold that position and have the success he has had and will continue to have you have be a football person, and as some have already said, it has been over 20yrs now, Jerry is too smart to not have become a footbal person, IF he was not one in the beginning.

    WE do not need a new GM, that s just another salary that Jerry would have to pay. A GM's job is not to evaluate players, his job is to do contracts and to negotiate, for the coaches and owners. Yes, he has to be knowledgeable, but he does not tell the coaches what players they should get.

    Jerry has always drafted the players his coaches wanted, I do not know why Steve Dennis started the nonsense that Jerry was making the picks. If you remember in Garretts press conference, Jerry
    told Steve Dennis that he knows he started that crap.

    Yes, Jerry Jones is a football person

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