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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Jan 20, 2009.

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    January 20, 2009
    Senior Bowl: Day 2

    News of the day: Contract talks have started with OLB DeMarcus Ware. Stephen Jones and Ware's agent Pat Dye talked extensively Tuesday. Look for Ware to become the highest paid player in the league with maybe a five or six-year deal. Talk about dream client. Dye believes if the Cowboys had made the playoffs Ware would have won the defensive player of the year award.

    News of the day II: Jerry Jones is really upset how the season finished. He is taking it very hard. Jones also seems more sensitive to the criticism than ever. He said he will push harder than he ever has this offseason to improve this team. Problem is he can't change the players. Too many players locked in long term.

    Familar Face: Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart is attending the Senior Bowl this week. He's networking as much as possible to find a new job. Hoping for another DC job or secondary coach. He could also land at the college level as a DC.

    Not bad: You know who doesn't look that bad passing the ball against the rest of the QBs? West Virginia's Pat White. Could still be headed for future at WR, though.

    Spencer update: Jerry Jones says he has not yet talked with linebacker Anthony Spencer about his arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct on Jan. 11 and is still trying to get all the details of what happened.

    Still not talking: Despite efforts to talk to Wade about anything related to his team, he refuses to talk. Even special teams coach Joe DeCamillis won't talk. Zipped lips on this staff right now.

    - Rick Herrin

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    Catching up with Brian Stewart

    Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart, who was fired last week, is in Mobile, Ala. at the Senior Bowl looking for another job opportunity. The week at the Senior Bowl also serves as a job fair for coaches.

    Stewart is hoping he can land another defensive coordinator position in the NFL or possibly a secondary coach position. If opportunties in the NFL don't work out, Stewart said he could look to the college level as a defensive coordinator.

    Stewart said he has had better days since the firing, but is proud of the work he did in two seasons with the Cowboys despite how things ended.

    "I would do it all over again," Stewart said. "I stand by my work."

    - Rick Herrin

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    Ware's agent meets with Cowboys

    The Cowboys have begun contract talks with DeMarcus Ware's agent Pat Dye for what expects to be a multi-million dollar extension this offseason.

    Ware will be entering the final year of his contract this season and could be looking at getting a five or six-year extension. Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones met extensively with Dye on Tuesday as the talks began. Ware could sign a deal that would make him the NFL's highest paid player.

    Ware led the NFL with 20 sacks this season.

    - Rick Herrin

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    Keep an eye on this name in free agency

    San Diego Chargers defensive end Igor Olshansky. He is an unrestricted free agent and if the Cowboys decide not to re-sign Chris Canty, Olshansky could be an option to replace him.

    Obviously, the connection comes from Wade Phillips' time in San Diego. Olshansky is 6-foot-6, 309 pounds, is 26 years old and coming off his 5th season. Olshansky, a former second-round pick, had two sacks last year. Does he excite Cowboys' fans?

    - Rick Herrin

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  2. Hostile

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    I wish Brian Stewart would coach the DBs (his job with Wade in San Diego) and we could send Campo packing.
  3. BAT

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    I dislike Campo as much as the next guy, but Stewart SUCKED as the secondary coach in San Diego.

    The guy that the Cowboys SHOULD of hired was Dennis Thurman, he was practically begging Jerry for a job this time last season.
  4. SDogo

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  5. Hoofbite

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    Lets see.......Drunk & Arrested.

    What more details is there?

    I'd like that pickup. Hes a solid player and you can never have enough guys named Igor on your team.
  6. NextGenBoys

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    Ware would be worth the money, but I do not see him asking for ransom. I just dont see it.

    I think he will sign a cap friendly deal (considering what he's worth) and continue to wreck havoc on the league for years to come.
  7. baj1dallas

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    Jerry sure looks pretty upset..

  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Please tell me I'm seeing things and Jerry doesn't have his shirt unbuttoned halfway to his 65 year old belly button...

    Thank Gawd that pic isn't bigger so I can't see the medallion...
  9. Oh_Canada

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    pure pimp.
  10. Hoofbite

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    I looked for a fitting picture but google just didn't produce.
  11. 28 Joker

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    I wish DeMarcus Ware would say, "I'm not playing here with Owens in the locker room".

    Is that the Pat Dye that coached Auburn?
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    It's his son, actually.

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