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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 3, 2013.


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    Hey may not, we can't know that one way or the other but, we do know that 40 million is there, no matter what.
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    Vick has become pretty much irrelevant. Heard Mort call him Philly's stopgap QB yesterday. But he's the same age as Romo.
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    It's BS, Romo is a top 10 quarterback without question. Anyone who disagrees simply does not understand the game of football. He has accomplished a lot for this team with minimal running game and defense to help. He really hasn't played with a good O-line either and still has managed to keep us respectable.

    I will start judging him by wins and losses now because I finally feel they have surrounded him with a pretty good team all around and if he plays really well there's no telling what this team can do. I expect us to win the division and make a playoff run this year, I'm not saying the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl but we will contend for it this year and in the future with this core of players.
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    Yes, shocking the world in 2006 when the UDFA QB that no one had heard of relieved the former #1 overall draft pick (Bledsoe) and took the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs. Ok, shocked at least the NFL world if that's what's making you lol.
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    That is pretty cheap for a good QB. Let's hope Romo delivers.
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    I think Vick has problems with his confidence, and if you can shake him up during the game, especially at this point in his career - you've won the game. His best days are long since over.
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    Until Peyton beat Bellichick and won the SB he probably took more crap than Romo ever has nationally. And Peyton is/was better than Romo probably will ever be.

    Nationally now Romo is almost considered underrated. Most people like him, just Cowboys fans for some reason are unsatisfied.
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    Yep - Peyton took crap in college too - and rightly so.
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    I guess I was thinking for the number 1 overall pick who had never won anything he got off reasonably lightly but on reflection I think you're right. And Peyton is better than Romo and likely better than Romo ever will be but that could change.
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    It's obvious why Cowboy fans are unsatisfied with him he can't get the team over the hump. His meltdown performances in elimination games has caused some fans to reach the end of their rope with him which is why so many wanted him traded after the season.
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    Peyton is overrated in my opinion. No question he's a great QB but for some to claim he's the greatest QB ever is ridiculous. His playoff record in 9-11 that alone drops him well down my list of all-time great QB's. All the crap Romo gets is due to his poor elimination game performances. It's pretty simple why he gets ragged on.
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    I think Jim Zorn, Jeff Garcia and Kitna were all undrafted but it is still a small list.
  13. TwoDeep3

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    It has finally become clear after reading this thread why Romo gets the respect he does here.

    It clearly is because of the UDFA status.

    However, once he became a starter, that went away in everyone's minds but the Dallas fan. It is like they discovered Romo actually had on a Superman suit under his uniform because he came from nowhere.

    Does Montana's draft slot make a hill of beans to the results he posted? No, not really. People look at his career and suggest he was the best (I disagree), and his draft slot does not inflate nor diminish his accomplishments.

    Romo may be the anti-Montana in the sense that he too was probably taken far below where he should have been. But Romo gets credit for yards passed and draft slot taken as if these things are meaningful versus the final results, season after season.

    He is a starter, is paid far above his record as a starter, and has been long enough that his lack of being drafted lends no special merit to anyone but the rabid Romo fan.

    That never occurred to me until this moment that people are holding up his draft status as a banner of pride.

    "Lookie what we got and didn't have to pay a top pick for him."

    The question I would ask, if the draft status is so important is this.

    Since Romo supplanted Bledsoe, and the vast majority of fans wanted that to take place because of Bledsoe's number of interceptions, then why is Romo not viewed the same now that he has performed for eight years and throws them in bunches like carrots? Kinda like Bledsoe.

    I mean if fans are going to give the guy credit for a nebulous draft status, why doesn't his comparison to Bledsoe's dubious turnover rate not also affect Romo?

    Arbitrary is the point here. The results are why Romo is held to this standard and nothing else.
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    Vicks confidence is completely shot and unless the NFL allows QB's to wear airbags he'll be spending a lot of time counting stars again this season. Philly better hope Barkley turns into something or they'll be on a QB quest.
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    December 11, 2011 versus the giants Tony went 21-31 321 yards 4 TDs 0 turnovers 141.3 QB Rating! Yet, he was blamed for the loss, because a pass that Miles lost in the lights that would have ended the game! Tony always get a raw deal!! Personally, I think he's an awesome QB & I'm glad he's a Dallas Cowboy!!!
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    I only listed the ones who made an impact either by making the HOF like Moon or leading their teams to a SB like Warner and Delhomme. Although Romo hasn't accomplished much he has been an established starter for 7 years earning 2 big contracts with the Cowboys. Plus he's been a top 10 QB for several years and has the 5th highest career passer rating.
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    I'm just going to dismiss this post as being some sort of emotional rant. o_O
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    Did Matt sign a new deal recently? I'm honestly asking because I missed it if he did.

    If you're referring to his first contract then I don't think that's a relevant point because the only reason he was paid that amount was because of the dysfunctional rookie scale.
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    Well you answered your own question - he plays a high profile position for a very high profile team - its simple as that.
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    That's not actually how all fans are -- just the undiscerning ones.

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