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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Didn't say "all" fans but fans in general eventually get tired of mediocrity and at some point want a new HC and or a new QB in an attempt to turn things around. I'm not one of those fans who wants a new QB but if the Cowboys continue to sputter in 2013 I'm going to want a new HC and I won't be alone. if the Cowboys go 8-8 again in 2013 missing the playoffs once again are you going to want to stick with Garrett?
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    As of right now he hasn't.
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    This observation is completely untrue. Long after he led "The Greatest Show On Turf," and long after he had already won a Super Bowl and been to another with the freaking Cardinals of all teams...people still love to say that Warner was bagging groceries before he got his shot. It isn't forgotten at all. It never is. For any player. You've forgotten all the teams that passed on Marino? You've forgotten all the teams that passed on Montana? You've forgotten all the teams that passed on Brady? Forgive me, I don't believe that. I don't believe that for a minute.

    It works the other way too. JeMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Jim Druckenmiller, Rick Mirer, and a host of other first round busts are never forgotten. Draft status matters long after the Draft is over.

    More than any other group of fans Dallas Cowboys fans have ALWAYS been proud of the undrafted guys this team has found. Cliff Harris, Everson Walls, Drew Pearson, Cornell Green. Just to name a few. I've been celebrating that accomplishment with Cowboys fans since the 1970's and Disco was still alive.

    No one has forgotten that Warner was undrafted, nor does anyone have to forget that Romo was.
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    Scapegoating is strong in those particular jobs.
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    I guess I was not clear.

    It doesn't matter.

    But your example of the undrafted guy that WON sure is telling, eh?
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    The only thing you can do to give a struggling franchise hope is bring in a new coach and or a new QB. History has shown especially with the Cowboys that if you bring in the right HC and get the right QB it can turn a franchise completely around.
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    I guess Jason Garrett is how I personally define apathy. I was critical of him before he became HC, but I'm not nearly as critical as some are now. I was really impressed with how we schemed our way to some rushing yards when he was still interim HC, but we haven't seen much of that recently. I don't credit Garrett with the success of the passing game, since it was so good before he got here. But I don't blame him for the two 8-8 seasons, either, although thinking Ogletree could be a real 3rd WR was a mistake. It's hard to know how much of that was Garrett though.
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    Please, stop the personal attacks and profanity.
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    The only response that I have for this is...jump.

    Or, don't get roped up in the first place.
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    Simple. There's only been one SB won by an UDFA. The last 8 have been won by a top 32 pick.

    1st round qbs who bust are so overscrutinized that you hear people say that ytou shouldn't take a qb in the first round. Even though any reasonable look at it tells you that you should.
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    And Dave Krieg
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    You were clear. I disagreed. It does matter. I then gave examples. I am allowed to do that in a discussion. Disagree with you and then provide examples. That's how it works. Yes, my example of the guy who won was telling. It was telling you that his undrafted status still was impressive and was still relevant in conversations about him. I haven't looked it up, but I will bet you 5 bucks if you look up his bio on Wikipedia it mentions his undrafted status in the first paragraph. I will further bet you it mentions his time in the Arena League and his time as a grocery stocker. It does matter. I'll bet you if he is elected to the Hall of Fame, it will come up. Winning a Super Bowl and playing in another didn't change a thing about his Draft status, nor should it change a thing for Tony Romo.

    Helpful hint, don't take the bets I offered. Even if I miss on the first paragraph prediction I will hit on the other 2 and it will cost you 5 bucks. Then if he goes to the Hall of Fame and it comes up it will cost you 10 bucks. If you take the bets it can potentially cost you 20 bucks. No matter how you do the math it will cost you moolah and that will make you more bitter. Don't take the bets.
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    I like this post.

    I & II...Bart Starr, 17th, pick 200. Would now be a 6th.
    III...Joe Namath, 1st.
    IV...Len Dawson, 1st.
    V...Earl Morrall, 1st.
    VI & XII...Roger Staubach, 10th, pick 129. Would now be a 4th.
    VII & VIII...Bob Griese, 1st.
    IX, X, XIII, & XVI...Terry Bradshaw, 1st overall.
    XI...Ken Stabler, 2nd.
    XV & XVIII...Jim Plunkett, 1st overall.
    XVI,XIX, XXIII, & XXIV...Joe Montana, 3rd
    XVII...Joe Theisman, 4th, pick 99.
    XX...Jim McMahon, 1st.
    XXI...Phil Simms, 1st.
    XXII...Mark Rypien, 6th, pick 146. Would now be a 5th.
    XXV...Jeff Hostetler, 3rd, pick 59. Would now be a 2nd.
    XXVI...Doug Williams, 1st.
    XXVII, XXVIII, & XXX...Troy Aikman, 1st overall.
    XXIX...Steve Young, 1st.
    XXXI...Brett Favre, 2nd.
    XXXII & XXXIII...John Elway, 1st overall.
    XXXIV...Kurt Warner, Undrafted.
    XXXV...Trent Dilfer, 1st.
    XXXVI, XXXVIII, & XXXIX...Tom Brady, 6th.
    XXXVII...Brad Johnson, 9th, pick 227. Would now be a 7th.
    XL & XLIII...Ben Roethlisberger, 1st.
    XLI...Peyton Manning, 1st overall.
    XLII & XLVI...Eli Manning, 1st overall.
    XLIV...Drew Brees, 2nd, pick 32. Would now be the last pick of round 1.
    XLV...Aaron Rodgers, 1st.
    XLVII...Joe Flacco, 1st.

    The Tally Book Says...

    47 Super Bowls.
    • 28 won by QBs who were 1st round picks.
    • 14 of those 28 were won by guys who were the overall #1 pick.
    • 1 more would today be a 1st round pick.
    • 3 were won by 2nd round picks.
    • 1 more would today be a 2nd round pick.
    • 5 were won by 3rd round picks.
    • 1 was won by a 4th round pick.
    • 1 would today be a 4th round pick.
    • 1 would today be a 5th round pick.
    • 4 were won by 6th round picks.
    • 2 more would today be 6th round picks.
    • 1 would today be a 7th round pick.
    • 1 was won by a 9th round pick.
    • 2 were won by a 10th round pick.
    • 2 were won by a 17th round pick.
    • 1 was won by a UDFA.
    Therefore the odds say that not only should you place more expectations upon a 1st round pick QB, but of those 28, 50% of them are won by the overall #1 pick.
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    you do realize that vick got a hundred million dollar contract from the falcons right?
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    Of course I do, that why I asked the question.
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    nobody gets the computer computin' quite like hostile.
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    that Cabo trip and, " If losing is the worst thing that happens to me, Ive lived a pretty good life"
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    Both those things were harmless, but he was very naïve back then and has learned the hard way.
    The coaches were fine with him getting away for a few days on the off week--in fact they demanded it as the team was fading fast at the end of the season.
    That statement he made was 100% correct. It said nothing about his passion for the game. All it basically said in his mind was "I have a dad going through cancer right now, so losing a footballl game is not the worst thing on earth".
    But he was naïve to the shallowness of some fans out there. He said as much later.
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    Really? Are you really still living those moments? Really?


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    Well, what he said is true. If he never wins another game, his life will be just fine because after all, football is just a game.

    I imagine that if Romo did not get into football like he did and have the success he has, he would be the same guy doing something else that he loves to do. Maybe a pro golfer...

    I seem to think that some fan's lives are unhappy because Romo does not win a SB, yet, if they look around them, they can/should find that there are more important things in life....but, then again, maybe not.
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