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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Alot of talk about the state the Cowboys are in. There seems to be 2 factions of players on this team. And we see it every week.

    Group 1: The Tony Romo era core. The group that just wins and loses games and dont seem to be moved with how good they win or how bad they lose. Seemingly just dismissing any success or failure as if its nothing. Again it just seems like this is how they go about their business, speculation of mine by how they react and talk during pressers. This group is a core of players who have gone thru alot of losing, and have never too accountability for the failures of this team. Not one of these players have ever accepted that responsibility but rather let coaches and owners take total responsibility. This group is The Romo's, Ware's, Wittens, Austins, Hatcher's ect...

    Group 2: Are the future of this team, the Dez's, Lee's, Fredricks', Carter's, Carr's Wilcox's, Selvie's ect...The guys who are tired of the losing, who are the guys coming out voicing displeasure. Publics and on the sidlines. Out of the field giving it all playing desperate for wins. If this team is going to succeed IMo this is the group that needs to step up and lead because the veteran core has been unwilling to lead their whole careers. Unwilling to accept responsibility.

    With all these injuries you have to wonder whats the teams week like? Are the light practices with limited physical periods. Since it seems like this team is full of nimble players who get hurt way to easy. Maybe its time to go a different direction in the strength and conditioning part of the team.

    Next yr im sure Dallas will have a new Coach, but who?

    Established coach who demands from their players. It seems this team has only one of those and thats Marinelli. Guy gets everything each of his players has every game. He has players like Selvi, Nevis, playing better then anybody e er expected and has players coming in off the street and contributing a couple days after being signed in games.

    The Jones family are the owners and arent going anywhere. So you can either accept it or just move on in your life and root for another team. You dont have to like who they are and what they have done. But even Parcells has come out and said Jerry would rather take the blame rather then have it fall onto someone else. He himself has said the failures of the Cowboys isnt Jerrys fault because he gave him and every other coach what theyve asked for. People like to say There has been 17 yrs of the same old thing but has it? In 2007 and 2009 Dallas has legit chances to go to the SB with those teams but they just didnt get the job done. The teams failed not Jerry. Dallas has had recent success but either the TEAMS failed or the past 2 yrs the injury bug has been really bad.

    Its real easy to blame Jerry because he makes all the final decisions but is it that way? Again Parcells has even come out and said thats not really true. He's said Jerry listens to his coaches and scouting dept and together they decide whats best for the team. Even Broaddus has said this on several occasions on the air. And said most of Dallas bad choices on draft picks has been due to Coaches and scouts have not come coollectively on players. Saying sometimes each side has a narrow view of what they thought was needed in Dallas.

    Would it be easier with a GM? No the only difference would be fans would have the same kind of gripes only now they would add Jerrys the owner he brought in this GM.

    Dallas just needs to continue the youth movement and start forcing these vets out. A new coach would help out too. New ways and some accountability on the players and coaches would do wonders. Some general order and a coach who expects his players to do their jobs would be good. This DL knows if they arent going to do that they're cut the following week. Im sure marinelli was the driving force to get rid of Ratliff. Im sure hes the force behind Hatcher becoming even better. He's clearly the guy behind Selvi and Nevis.

    This team isnt bad, you give this group to Belichek, harbaugh, and a few other coaches and theyre just fine. Hopefully Jerry can cut the cord from Garrett.
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    Couldn't disagree more, I think Romo, Witten, and Ware care a whole hell of a lot about losing. More importantly I think things would be much easier with a GM calling the shots as opposed to a reactionary owner. Jerry does not have the 2013 business sense to build a team around a bunch of "doubles hitters" and instead swings for the fences the way he builds the team. A good GM would have self-scouted better than Jerry did at the 2011 season, watching our line and secondary get abused and thinking we were two great players away from being a Super Bowl contender.

    When your GM is a guy who uses your biggest chips (Salary Cap space and High Draft Picks) to try and get a couple of "great" players while the successful GMs allocate those resources over several "good" players he's a major part of the problem. It's the NFL - nobody should be surprised anymore that guys get hurt. And nobody that is a Cowboys fan should be surprised when that happens that our depth is going to suck and cost us games.
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    Draft picks are like poker, you just never know. Take NE they draft horribly early and hit with most of their lower picks. Doesnt that sound like Dallas? The difference is coaching and veteran leadership. Dallas has none of that.

    When i read posts like urs i just look it as we both know something is wrong in Dallas. The only thing different is you dont want to blame anybody playing or coaching the game on sunday but just Jerry. Jerry isnt playing and this team arent scrubs. Carr himself has come out this week and said this much. And has said the onus is on them. The PLAYERS. Not doing their jobs.
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    Since when does New England draft horribly early? Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower were their first rounders last year and Jones looks like a 10+ sack a year guy while Hightower is solid. Solder the year before that and has graded out as the best Left Tackle in football. Devin McCourty the year before that, who is playing like a Pro Bowler. They also hit on Gronkowski, Spikes, Vereen, and Ridley for 2nd and 3rd rounders in the past 3 years. For late rounders I'd say Alfonzo Dennard, Marcus Cannon, and Brandon Deaderick are far from slouches as well.

    I blame our players a lot when they are playing poorly, but I blame the guy responsible for putting those players on the field the most. The man who changes scheme based on what's hot in the NFL from year-to-year as opposed to drafting and acquiring players based on the identity of the General Manager. One method is proven to work, one is proven not to work.
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  6. LatinMind

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    Dallas has hit on Tyron, Dez, Lee, Fredrick, Scandrick. Before that Spencer, Hatcher, Newman. Every team hits but count in their duds. And that far outweighs their hits. As with Dallas.
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    I think it's hilarious when someone tries to come on here and say what players are thinking or how a player feels about winning or losing. Yes...I'm sure Tony Romo and Jason Witten don't care a bit one way or the other...:rolleyes:

    As far as the future? Why would you mention Selvie? The guy is lucky to be on a team. Lee? Call me when he can stay on the field. Carter? Hasn't impressed at all. Dez? So being loud means you care more?

    Come on man.
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    I find it funny when people have no reading comprehension. Because i never said they didnt care. I just said they brush it off. And thats what it seems that they do. Everytime Dallas loses and Romo is interviewed i dare you to look up his interviews and it will be the same words over and over again.
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    Honestly, this "old core" has been dead to me since the vikings playoff game.
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    This board tries entirely too hard to dog New England's drafting when the truth is they're still one of the better drafting teams in the league or they wouldn't still be winning. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, but he isn't exactly lighting it up this year.
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    Selvie's part of the new core? How so?
  12. egn22

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    Miles Austin contract, Jay Ratliff contract, Loss of $10 million in cap space, wasted 1st and 2nd round picks on Roy Williams, promoting Garrett to OC AND HC when he had no business getting either job, Hiring an OC for Wade Phillips, firing Rob Ryan who didn't deserve to be fired....
    i can go on and on and on and on
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    Moving on from this thread. Nothing to see here.
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    then keep going
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    I stopped reading after this: "The Romo's, Ware's, Wittens, Austins, Hatcher's ect" don't care silliness. If you really think that, then ..... I don't know what to say without it being a burn.
  16. 5Stars

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    Spencer bailing with 10 mil plus while probably knowing that his knee was jacked up.

    The Rat bailing with hurt feelings and lying to the whole organization and fans.

    And now me bailing from this silly post that some players don't care.
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  17. egn22

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    i said i can, didn't say i will. all of his blunders are very well documented both on this site and numerous others.
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    You wouldn't be on here so much. It's coo- we all want to believe, no matter how level-headed we are. We're fans.
    You bring the goods, Zordon- but this core wasn't dead to you then. They may be now, but not then.

    You still want to hope- hence your threads three, four weeks ago.
  19. Corso

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    Oh man- the whole Ratliff deal still has me on the edge.

    I'm an easy come/ easy go kind of guy, but this Ratliff thing...

    I gots to go calm myself...
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    It's the culture, not the players.
    Isn't it strange that those who leave Dallas - whether players or coaches - tend to do better?
    Whether Sean Peyton or Mike Zimmerman or Martellus Bennett or Rob Ryan or whomever. They seem to bounce back on their feet when they leave Dallas.
    Meanwhile, we're stuck in mediocrity.
    It aint the players; it's the culture.

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