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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysPhan, Nov 28, 2013.

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    This is not intended as a comment about the Cowboys' playoff chances or how we match up against all the other teams, but isn't it weird to realize that as bad as we think the Cowboys are playing this season, there are only 10 teams in the entire NFL with better records than us? As I look at the overall standings, I'm kind of blown away by the number of teams, many of which were considered to be really great last season, who have losing records this year. I get so laser-focused on the Cowboys sometimes that I don't even realize what's going on with everyone else. Just an observation.
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    I think a lot of our fans know we haven't been that bad, we ARE one of the better teams in the NFL. The problem is we're sitting at 6-5 when we really should be at least 8-3 or 7-4. This team has lost 3 very close games, and one of which was already wrapped up, IMO that's what disappoints the fans.
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    Your sig is funny.
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    If you look a t Power Rankings, Cowboys are anywhere between 10-12. Now, there are a bunch of teams who are all within an inch or two of each other, so it doesn't necessarily mean we're better than 20 other teams, but we're also not worse. The NFL anymore is like bike race. A few in front. A few in the the back. Most of them packed in the middle.
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    Yes not your intentions, but it will get turned into that...:).....not about playoffs but about how that record will change for the worse....

    A friend of mine text me about this last night. Amazing to think that.
    4 playoff teams from last year are competing for the top 6 draft slots right now.
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    It seems that with the rules of the modern NFL it's set up so that most teams will hover somewhere around .500. This makes 6-5 a respectable record. This is what the NFL wanted so that more fans are engaged late in the season
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    One of the middle of the pack teams will likely win it all this year. Teams are so evenly matched.
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    We will find out who the pretenders are soon enough.

    Unless our defense miraculously heals itself and finds a way to stop the run, then we are not going to get deep into the playoffs let alone legitimately compete for a super bowl appearance. Miracles can happen, but until we can convincingly put away a couple of winning organizations, my expectations will be based merely on hope.

    God what I wouldn't give for a Cowboys team that can win convincingly week after week.
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    Love the avatar dude. :)

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