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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Aug 30, 2005.

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    This is how I am reading Bill Parcells and our dallas cowboys.

    At quaterback, I really don't get the perception that Parcells doesn't like Henson. He simply realizes that he isn't exactly ready to go out there, he has a limited amount of experience. He won't be sent to NFL Europe, because that is a deadman's zone for journeymen getting a last chance. After Bledsoe has learned the system thouroughly, Henson will get more playing time in the next preseason. He doesn't have to do anything this year. He describes Bledsoe as ready, Romo as improving, and Henson is young and developing. He says it's obvious that Romo has more experience, and he does. This is Romo's 3rd year, and just last year he was the 3rd quarterback behind even Henson.

    I think Parcells' uneasiness regarding the quarterback position has to do with the lack of experience from Romo more than anything else. Romo is the backup, and you'd want to see more experience from him. They signed Romo to a two year contract, so we'll see Romo develop for this year and next year. If he improves enough he'll be resigned as a career backup or our next starter, but that's only if Henson doesn't improve more than him. There is a possibility that they might want Romo to be a Jason Garret of this era.

    Jerry Jones sees Henson as a 1st round draft pick, and will give him the equivalent opportunity.

    We're not going to draft a quarterback, and we're not going to sign or trade for any veterans. We're sold on Henson, whether some fans like it or not.

    At running back, there is a problem regarding how many players we take. We want Anthony Thomas just incase anything happens to Jones, but you don't want a player just to take up a spot. So there is a definite possibility that we will simply take Jones, Barber, and Thompson. Anthony Thomas wasn't long term, and I believe we might even try trading him to a team like Philadelphia (yes i know they are in our division).

    I think there is a good chance that we'll try to sign Clarett to our practice squad. Whether that will be an opportunity for us is uncertain. I think the front office really liked him, and would have drafted him in the 5th round. I think they settled for Barber. Although clearly Barber was a better choice.

    At tight end it's really close. They don't want to keep Robinson on the roster because he is so expensive, but you don't really have anyone who has stepped up on long snaps. This is probably Robinson's last year on the roster though. Witten and Campbell are locks of course, and it's really between that 4th tight end either Pierce or Ryan (curtis has no chance), and taking a fullback in Lousaka Polite. I think Polite has the best chance at making the team.

    I think there are huge questions on the offensive line. I've heard Peterman has regressed, which doesn't make me happy about our offensive line drafting. I'm not worried about Rivera, I think they kept him out for precautionary reasons. Right tackle is still very much the question. I think we'll be look at the waiver wire, and free agency before all i said and done. If Pettiti wasn't injured I think he would have the spot down. I think we'll see the first team offensive line play at least the first half on thursday.

    On defense Davis is pretty much going to be the starter. I think Scott will beat out Coady. And Beriault will back up Williams. There is no way he gets waived.

    The biggest questions in the lb corps is whether we should or should not keep Singleton I think. I think Burnett has shown he should be the starter. And I'd rather go with Ware, Burnett, Thornton, and Ogbogu, than keep Singleton. The problem with that is there isn't a lot of experience there. I think Thornton will be dropped, unfortunately.

    There is a lot of depth at inside linebacker, and I think Parcells is having a hard time decided whether to go with 4 inside linebackers or more defensive tackles, and simply take 3, since Burnett can slide inside, there is also a possibility that we take 5 outisde linebackers, and 3 inside linebackers.

    On the defensive line. You have your locks in Ellis, Glover, Ferguson, Spears, and Canty. That's 5 total locks. 3 defensive ends, and 2 tackles. I think Kenyon Coleman gets that 4th tackle spot, and the rest really depends on what we do at linebacker. You want to take both Carson and Johnson, but you don't dislike Ratliff, so what can you really do here. I guess you have to measure the potential of the players individually.
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    Wow.. a State of the Union without mention of the debacle in Iraq, the skyrocketing national debt, or turnstiles along our national borders. Do you work in the White House, by chance?
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    I think Bill was willing to give Clarett one last chance, but he sees Clarett blew another chance so I doubt hes interested.
  4. Galian Beast

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    This is also my 53 man roster starting with the starting 22 players (this is what i think parcells is going to do, not what I would do)

    top 45 will be on the active team roster

    1. Drew Bledsoe
    2. Julius Jones
    3. Jason witten
    4. Dan Campbell
    5. Terry Glenn
    6. Keyshawn Johnson
    7. Flozell Adams
    8. Larry Allen
    9. Al Johnson
    10. Marco Rivera
    11. Rob Pettiti
    12. Roy Williams
    13. Keith Davis
    14. Terence Newman
    15. Anthony Henry
    16. DeMarcus Ware
    17. Dat Nguyen
    18. Bradie James
    19. Al Singleton
    20. Greg Ellis
    21. Jason Ferguson
    22. Kenyon Coleman

    23. Jose Cortez
    24. Matt McBriar
    25. Jeff Robinson

    26. Tony Romo
    27. Marion Barber III
    28. Lousaka Polite
    29. Patrick Crayton
    30. Terrence Copper
    31. Thomas Crowder
    32. Kurt Vollers
    33. Stephen Peterman
    34. Andre Gurode
    35. Torrin Tucker
    36. Justin Beriault
    37. Lynn Scott
    38. Aaron Glenn
    39. Jaques Reeve
    40. Kalen Thornton
    41. Scott Shanle
    42. Kevin Burnett
    43. Chris Canty
    44. Marcus Spears
    45. La'Roi Glover

    46. Drew Henson
    47. Tyson Thompson
    48. Tyson Walter
    49. Leonardo Carson
    50. Ryan Fowler
    51. Bruce Thornton

    52. Nate Jones
    53. Thomas Johnson
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    Excellent post, Galian. The only part of your assessment I disagree with is your take on A-Train. I don't think BP dares go into the season with two rookies backing up JJ. Barber has not received much playing time in preseason and TT is very raw. However, A-Train doesn't do much (yet) in Special Teams, so that could very well go against him. Time will tell.
  6. Fletch

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    Galian, Thornton and Singleton will not be cut. Though Ogbogu will be most likely.
  7. Galian Beast

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    I personaly wouldn't like to see a-train get cut. I like him more than Barber.

    Fletch Ogbogu is one of our best pass rushers, cutting him would be foolish. Especially just so we could keep Singleton.

    Just look at what he has done so far in preseason.

    4 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble
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    I don't think there is any way Singleton gets cut. I also don't believe that they were going to draft Clarett in the 5th round.

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