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STATS for total tackles, tackle for loss and sacks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. kirkjrk

    kirkjrk Active Member

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    Using cfbstats.com I've looked at all teams and players and the top ten players when all tackles, tackles for loss and sacks are added together. Most will be DE/OLBs but a couple of other positions also came into play. Some surprises.

    !. Phillip Steward (ILB) 9 gms Houston total tks+tfl+sks= 115

    2. Damontre Moore(DE) 9 gms Tx A&M " " " " 99.5

    3. Jamie Collins(DE/OLB) 9 gms So. Miss " " " " 98

    4. Travis Johnson(OLB) 9 gms SJSU " " " " 80

    5. Sheldon Richardson (DT) 9 gms Mizz " " " " 76

    6. Jarvis Jones (OLB) 7 gms Georgia " " " " 75.5

    7. Cornellius Carradine(DE) 9 gms FSU " " " " 70

    8. Anthony Barr (OLB) 9gms UCLA " " " " 66.5

    9. Chase Thomas (OLB) 9 gms Stan. " " " " 66

    10. Will Sutton (DT) 8 gms Ar. St. " " " " 65.5

    To me the biggest surprise was #5 Sheldon Richardson being a DT ranked in the top ten. Normally a DT doesn't get anywhere close to the chances that a DE or OLB gets. To me truly amazing.

    I believe #1 is a ILB-??. They just listed him at LB.

    Note Jarvis Jones totals are base on 7 gms. When figured on 9gms he moves up to 4th place.


    Bjorn Werner (48.5); Alex Okafor(61.5); Ezekiel Ansah (59); John Simon (53.5); William Gholston (52.5); Sam Montgomery (41); Kawaan Short (39); Dion Jordan (45.5); B. Mingo (32.5). I'm not sure if Mingo would have made the top 200 players in the country. Wow

    So, what does that tell us about stats? They are overrated or some players are overrated. You decide.

    Again, cfbstats.com will give you almost any stat you need on a player .

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