Staubach: Too much for Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cajuncocoa, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Now who is going to disagree with Roger?
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    This is awesome, the media and true fans of this franchise need to continue to pile on Jerry. If it continues he will have no choice. Hope this is just the beginning.
  5. fortdick

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    Sure he has a choice. It is his team. To think we can tell him what to do is naive.
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    Jerry will continue doing what he does until one thing happens: fans stop going to the games and stop buying Cowboy merchandise. In other words, until it hits him hard in the pocket.
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    Hard to imagine it being worse.
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    IRVING, Texas -- Count "Captain Comeback" among those who think Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to shed some of his duties and delegate more authority in the team's front office.

    "Jerry is trying real hard," Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach said Friday on the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN Radio. "He goes back to the old days when they won three Super Bowls. I think the formula is he's got to find a medium ground and delegate more authority."

    Earlier this week, when asked if he'd ever step down as general manager, Jones said there was "no way that I would be involved here and not be the final decision-maker on something as important as players. ... It's been a debated thing, but it's just not going to happen."

    The Cowboys are 3-5 heading into a seemingly must-win game against the Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) on Sunday afternoon, and Staubach thinks the criticism of Jones would only increase with a loss. (end)
    NYC - The "formula" is for us to get a real football GM in there and let Jerry get his PT Barnum on...
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    Even if he did appoint another GM I think the person would just be a figurehead and JJ's puppet. Jones would still be calling the shots behind the scenes.
  10. Tom [Giants fan]

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    Leave a lot of seats empty at home games. I know it won't happen but that is how you get across to a franchise that the fan base is not happy with what is going on. There is an article on about Jones' perception of the Cowboys.

    This guy has one giant ego if he thinks he knows how to build a winning franchise.

    I could build the Cowboys into a winner way faster than Jones could. I won't but I could!! lol
  11. silver

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    Jerry read the article and went into "there's a chance" mode.

  12. cajuncocoa

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    If this is not seen as a wake up call to Jerry, we might as well move on.
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    I've been waiting on it for years.

    You have two choices. Allow Jerry to destroy the team and keep it that way year after year while receiving no flak for it or you can make that experience as miserable as possible for him. He should be asked every day about hiring a real GM. He should hear it from the fans on a regular basis. It needs to be a constant rallying cry so that he spends a portion of each day dealing with it.

    Will it make a difference? I don't know but that's not the point. You boo and hate Redskins, Giants and Eagles for being our on field rival. For trying to prevent us from getting back on top. Surely the guy who single-handedly destroyed this team and keeps them down for his own ego deserves the same type of treatment. He's done more damage than any rival ever has.

    For years nobody ever wanted to ask Jerry about this. Then when they did, he'd spout off this my role has never changed nonsense and was allowed to get away with it. Nobody ever offered a rebuttal. Oh, he's getting mad....better drop this line of questioning. It's good to see some progress in this area. Hold his feet to the flame. We've had enough of his nonsense. We see through his con. The team's hurting, Jer....and your usual BS won't cut it this time.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
  15. cajuncocoa

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    Well said.
  16. yimyammer

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    hope the story never dies, I love seeing him squirm
  17. yimyammer

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    I hate Jerry Jones with a bloody passion but this would apply whomever owned the team. I'd do the same and so would everyone here if they owned the team.

    I don't think the problem is him signing off on every decision as long as its from an ownership and financial standpoint and not him playing fantasy football
  18. garrett316

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    I wonder how Roger knows how much Jerry delegates?

    Is this again all from reading media reports? Let me guess.....Rodger has some great friends still on the team.......after how many years being retired?

    Once again ....its a opinion from a former player looking in....probably reading the same mediot crap we have for years.

    I love how former players state a opinion when they have no real proof on how much Jerry delegates or not. I dont think Rodger has ever been in Jerry meetings with coaches and scouts.....or in a war room during the draft...etc...

    The hate for Jerry is just too funny......must be jump on Jerry week.......Next week...Romo?
  20. cajuncocoa

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    Please put down the Jerry Kool-aid.

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