Staubach: Too much for Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cajuncocoa, Nov 9, 2012.

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    How Jerry is remembered should motivate any HEALTHY EGO to turn the Cowboys over to football professionals, just like he delegated drilling/exploration duties as an oilman. ;) ;) ;)

    How can anyone truly be egotistical when he is bent on keeping a once great team from ever being a champion again from mismangement? I truly don't understand this hard-core insanity.
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    let me correct my first reply to this thread:

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    Sure, I'm sure he has no contact at all with any one associated with HIS former team that he obviously has huge feelings for. He's just a run of the mill fan I guess.:rolleyes:
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    That's true but paid for or not empty seats will eat at Jerry because it will be discussed every where.
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    His is not a run of the mill fan....and he does probably know Jerry his family pretty well.....

    But like he said.....he is a fan .....

    My question is.....looking does he know? I can assume he has never been into a meeting or a war room. He visits and leaves.....he is a fan with access to watching them practice and play.

    IMHO nothing more.

    He probably thinks Jerry is up there in his office....picking players out of a hat alot of people here think.......when in fact....Jerry just listens to his coaches ...and scouts....and people around him.....its a collective decision....always has been but I really dont think alot of people accept that.

    Jerry has the title of GM.....but making player personnel decisions.....alot of people are involved.

    What I find we hear stuff from former players....all over the league....all of them.....looking in from afar....and having a opinion.......and then we eat it up thinking its gospel.

    When in reality....there are some here as fans that know more about what goes on in Dallas or other teams then former players do.

    I love Rodger.....he cares about this team still. But Im not going to eat up what he says as the truth....its a opinion.....Like we all have here.
  6. Dave_in-NC

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    What's also funny is as time passes, more and more people that used to be associated with the team are speaking out. It's only going to get worse.
    Bottom line is Jerry is at the top of the pyramid, he's responsible for every thing below him. Either he's just that unlucky or the rest of the pyramid has to many cracks.
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    The top of the pyramid wont change......will always be a Jones least for my lifetime......

    So it doesnt bother me much

    Team is heading in right direction imho......we need to learn to win...I wish JG would let his OC duties go....just so he can concentrate on being a better HC and game manager.

    All in all.....this team could be 5-3 and we wouldnt hear all these bash Jerry threads....Romo sucks.....JG has to go....

    IMHO we are close.....
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    What have you seen this year that would indicate that the Cowboys are close and heading in the right direction? The penalties? Red zone inefficiency? Players not knowing their responsibilities down to down? An inability to create turnovers, but a great ability to give the ball away on offense? Special teams meltdowns week after week?

    To me, there is nothing that I have seen from this team this year that would indicate that they are on an upward tick. Quite the opposite.
  9. Dave_in-NC

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    There's people that have the coach they want in place. No matter how bad he is, we are headed in the right direction. We drafted better, all I can see.
    But that isn't on JG alone because every one at VR has a say, then Jerry waits for the out come of said say and gets what the group wants.

    Then unicorns fly around the room sprinkling magic dust on the group.:)
  10. Idgit

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    I'm in 'there's a chance' mode when there's....wait for it....a chance. When there's not, I go into 'there's not a chance anymore' mode.

    I learned along the way there's no prize for giving up too early. Some people do it b/c it helps them insulate themselves from disappointment better, but that's always seemed silly to me. I prefer to try to figure out what's getting us beat and to speculate on how we might change it and improve the team. To each, his own.
  11. Idgit

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    What's the point of calling out this entire group? Does it really matter so much that I, for example, think it'd be a huge mistake to fire JG? Or that I think the team loses because it can't protect the football instead of because everything sucks?

    And why does it take unicorn dust to explain why some fans think we're losing for one reason, and another group thinks we're losing for a different one? It's not like the unicorn-dust people think our record is actually, say, 5-3 right now. They see there are issues, same as you do. They just think the solutions are probably different than you seem to think they are.
  12. Joe Realist

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    Hogwash.. What does Staubach know anyway.. He does not have the sources that others have on this board..I trust them.......................
  13. Dave_in-NC

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    The group I'm calling out is Jerry's scouts, talent evaluators and coaches.
    They deserve as much blame as he does according to the structure you say it is. No?
  14. TwoDeep3

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    This is where I am going to plant my anchor in this discussion.

    You paint with a broad brush and then offer it as fact.

    I look at the team EVERY year and do plus minus and come to a conclusion on what I think the team can achieve.

    Not for this mythical insulation or as Fuzzy likes to say, cowardice.

    I suspect every fans does this. Or else how do you derive your season prediction of 10-6?

    Just the thread where the actual season schedule comes out turns into a prediction thread after a half dozen posts. So somebody is looking at the team and making assessments.

    What truly makes me laugh, and I mean this literally, is that the side of the fence that MUST have it positive ignores when the other side calls it in July and it comes to pass throughout the season.

    It isn't luck people here say 6-10 and it comes to fruition.

    But there has to be a trick. This insulation thing must be the answer instead of those who are critical of areas about the team actually might understand the team and the assessment wasn't luck at all. That perhaps they take off the homer goggles and look at the team if it were another team instead of the one they love.

    Some have the ability to dispassionately look at the team and "do the math" and make educated guesses. They don't look at the high water mark for every player, then project what happened in previous years when that player was at his best and then use that paradigm throughout the assessment.

    They look at squads, and the components, and factor in a bit of history and how age, injury and the lot factor in.

    I still scream on game day when things go wrong. I still have expectations on game day that the team can beat the other team. Because I am a fan and want Dallas to win.

    But I also have an intellect and use it when looking at this team and others. And when I see comments about insulation or cowardice it makes me think this is motivated by denial.

    Because Lord forbid idgit, that I was right.

    This isn't an I told you so response.

    It is simply a comment that not all people operate or think in the narrow minded way you believe they do. And it's rather insulting that you generalize about others and how they think.
  15. tyke1doe

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    Yep. He owns this team, and he's not going to let anyone tell him what to do.

    We need to face reality. We're stuck with Jones as long as he's living. (And, no, I'm not wishing an early departure for him. I love football, but not the point I want to see Jones die for us to get better.) So we have to adjust our expectations accordingly.
  16. Idgit

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    Here's where that argument always falls down. There's not a 'side' of the fence that must have it positive. Or maybe there is, but it's just CrazyCowboy sitting there all by himself. Not much of a 'side.'

    I'm about as optimistic a poster as we've got here. I'm still getting regularly called a happy fan and told to put down my koolaid. But I've been openly critical of the team in a number of areas. Mostly turnovers, but our RT play, our short yardage running game, our red zone offense and red zone offensive play calling, our interior line run blocking, JG's time management, WR drops, etc. The difference is, I'm also willing to debate anyone who says something critical of the team that can't be substantiated. Romo needs to be benched. Our pass blocking is atrocious. Our problems on offense are mostly related to play calling. Our GM is the reason why we're not winning some of these games this season.

    It's not luck. It's coincidence. When I see people making predictions about our record, and then being right for the right reasons, I'll agree it's just good observation. But I was here for those predictions. I know what they were based off of. The complaining in the offseason was about not spending ridiculous money in FA on OGs. It was about not addressing C (even though we ultimately did). It was about wasting resources on CB that could have been spent on OL. It was about spending money on Anthony Spencer, and about us not having an adequate pass rush.

    None of those things turned out to be our problems. We're losing games because of offensive turnovers, and because we're not taking the ball away on defense. The people angry about Costa, in a small sample, look to have been dead wrong. The people complaining about Spencer got a chance to see how wrong they were on that count, too. As I said, what's beat us is turnovers because our WRs and our QB can't seem to get on the same page. Or drops at inopportune times. These weren't topics I remember coming up when you looked at the squad and the components, and factored in a bit of history and how age, injury, or whatever was likely to affect us.

    TwoDeep, I don't have any problem with you being right, if that ever happens. And I don't have any problem with you ending up on the right side of a prediction for completely unrelated reasons, if that's what ends up happening.

    And I'm not insulting everyone who happens to have or to have had a negative prognosis about this team when I say that some fans like to protect themselves by giving up. Believe it or not, there are a lot of fans in that negative camp right now.

    I'm specifically talking about the negativity of fans who see a disappointing season for Dallas, and leap to the conclusion that we don't have a chance against an equally disappointing Philly team. If, as you suggest, they're using their intellect when they look at this team and others, then they'd probably recognize that. If they don't, then I conclude they're using something other than their intellect when they decide there is no chance to win this weekend. If you choose to be insulted by that, you're probably looking at the available data and arriving at the wrong conclusion again, but I won't belabor that point for fear of being accused of generalizing about others and how they think. How's that for being conciliatory?
  17. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Look at (best Brooklyn voice) da Raiders

    A quarter century ago, they were .800, tied for most Super Bowls, had one of the biggest followings in sports.

    Are the Raiders among the most followed teams now?

    This is the destiny of the Cowboys since Jones is bent on doing like Al Davis.

    I dare a significant number of Cowboys fans will spend less time and money or even follow other teams on this present course....if the Boys tank and the Texans are in the Super Bowl, expect to see their jerseys and logos a lot more in D/FW.
  18. silver

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    and I respect that. it was in jest. enjoy the game tomorrow, I know I'll be rooting for my cowboys. have a good one
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    The tickets are paid for but that's only a fraction of what it costs to go to a game.




    The tickets are paid for but the employees are already scheduled and the power bill will be exactly what it is no matter what.

    Something tells me 30K in people not buying stuff and paying for parking would be a very noticeable hit.
  20. 5Stars

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    Dude, give it up! There is no way in hell that 30K people are not going to a Cowboy game after they have paid top money for their seats.

    Tilting at Windmills...

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