Staubach: Too much for Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cajuncocoa, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Hagman

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    But, they will go up for sale and fans from other teams will pick them up. Their money is just as green. Cha Ching! Jerry still wins.
  2. 5Stars

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    Exactly! That's why it is so stupid to even discuss getting Jerry out of the picture. IMO, I don't really think Jerry is the sole reason, but he does contribute to the failure of the Cowboys. But, these posts over and over and over again by the same posters is nothing more but a grain of sand on the beach. Like I said, all they are doing is trying to pee up a tree.

    Comical at least.
  3. Hoofbite

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    Give what up? That was my first post in this thread.

    I was simply pointing out that ticket sales only account for a part of the overall picture.
  4. Dave_in-NC

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    And it makes sense. Let's use the Bears game as an example. The bears fans might have occupied seats but weren't buying Cowboys gear I wouldn't think.
  5. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Jerry Jones is the GM just got the stamp of disapproval from the legend himself Rodger the Dodger!
  6. Hoofbite

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    Probably not.

    Ticket revenues are shared. I don't believe pro shop revenues are.
  7. Hagman

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    They were paying to park, eat overpriced food and drink overpriced drinks. Granted, the didn't buy a lot of Cowboy gear, but can't you buy some gear from other teams in the stadium along with other souveneirs?

    If significant numbers of Cowboys fans vacated for those of other teams, Jerry would sell their merchandise in a blink.

    And everyone don't forget to stop at the Victoria's Secret store on you way out of the stadium.
  8. Dave_in-NC

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    Do they sell other teams products in the stadium?
  9. KJJ

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    I did when he claimed Quincy Carter was a good QB who had a bright future. I love Roger he's my all time favorite Cowboys player but he's one of the biggest homers there is. He claimed Garrett is going to be a heckuva NFL head coach.
  10. theebs

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    Unless u mean Nike, Victoria's Secret, dunkin donuts, various wines, kids toys etc.

    No other teams yet though.

    But give the jones family time, if there is money in it sooner or later they will be a part of selling it.

    I mean you know had we sold mike Vick jerseys in the pro shop I am sure tashard choice would have bought a few for his newborn and unborn family members.

    So really the jones family is missing out by not selling other teams stuff. Another season or two with everything as it currently is and it might be the only thing selling.
  11. Dave_in-NC

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    I felt stupid asking but I was surprised by your answer. I'm amazed he hasn't frontiered doing so.
  12. newlander

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    but I'm just about done for now. To give you some context, I have been a Cowboys fan since '78 and a Cubs fan since 77' so I don't give up easily. But I'm not going to spend any more time or money on JJ's dysfunctional toy. That's all the team is: his personal fantasy league team that he's incredibly crappy at navigating.

    My depression comes with the knowledge nothing will change until he dies. I've seen guys on here wish for that out of frustration but I just can't do it: not because I'm religious but because it isn't in my nature: he has a family too. Anyway, he won't cede control and even if he did he would make life miserable for the new GM and front office. NO one in their right mind would come here and take a job they know is set up to fail. Yeah, I know I haven't told you guys anything you don't know: just venting I guess.
  13. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    ^ Amen.

    Neither do I wish for someone to be "rubbed out"

    But it is a crying shame that from 1966-1985 that Cowboys had a record 20 winning seasons - a record that will stand a very long time, five Super Bowls - all within 4 points of victory, winning two....all of this done with delegation and organization, then Jerry Jones comes in to completely change all that made them America's Team. If he were to do it again, I seriously doubt Jerry would be lucky enough to find a Jimmy Johnson - the Cowboys would be mediocre like they have been 1997 to present. I remember the local media and Tex Schram back then boasting the Cowboys were not one of those teams dominated by an owner that would make it impossible for a GM or coach to succeed - now we will have the Curse of Jones for decades.

    A few derisively say people like me are peeing up the tree - why doesn't Jerry fear a lot of fans will pee on his grave? What is different is just about every thing has been tried - proving the Cowboys can't be champions as long as Jerry demands football control. The older generation is fed up and the younger generation is starting to wonder what this team has done the last 16 years to be deserving of America's Team. TV ratings this year in D/FW have already declined and hurting the fan base.

    My current interest is that long-shot hope Jones will do what many of us thought he would do when he broke down and hired Parcells. Short of that, I would take some satisfaction if the fans would remain on his case to the point he almost feels like a sexual preditor when appearing in public if he insists on molesting the operation of the Cowboys.

    One thing I've learned about business - dysfunction sometimes can last almost forever, but usually the chickens come to roost with a vengeance. With that in mind, JJ needs to do something now before he really feels the heat.
  14. isawoj

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