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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Gryphon

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    The Bucs are unlikely to get a long-term deal finished with Chris Simms before free agency.

    He's a restricted free agent and may want to see if other teams make an offer sheet. In the end, Simms is still very likely to remain with the Bucs.

    Feb. 22 - 12:19 pm et
    Source: Tampa Tribune
  2. demdcowboys#1

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    who cares, i wouldnt want him.
  3. NorTex

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    What were we supposed to stay tuned for?
  4. Gryphon

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    QBs of the future on the market?

    Yes, I'm watching. Closely.

    Again, nothing against Drew Bledsoe. Again, he was better last season than I thought he'd be.

    But two NFL quarterbacks I love may be up for grabs in the next couple of weeks, or months.

    Drew Brees in San Diego could be given free-agent status due to money issues with the Chargers.

    Chris Simms in Tampa Bay if he hits the free agent market.

    If so, there would still be a proven QB in place for '07. I mean, how many seasons does Bledsoe have left?

    Big Bill, are you hearing me on all this?
  5. SkinsandTerps

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    I dont see the Cowboys giving up a 3rd or fourth rounder for Simms.
    I agree the kid may potentially be a good QB, but had little experience overall and just not likely a fit with the Cowboys at this time.
  6. Bledsoe4MVP

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    Who gives a damn about the bucs or their bum quarterbacks! :mad::mad::mad:
  7. Hiero

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    ya im gonna stay tuned to this....:laugh2: ya right.
  8. DragonCowboy

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    I don't see the Cowboys giving up a fourth for him either, they don't have one.:laugh2:

    Hmm, I haven't seen enough of Simms in Tampa to really see how good he is. If he is as good as Gryphon is suggesting, then sure, I would take him, he could be our QB of the future. Hopefully he won't be as stupid as Phil..
  9. RiggoForever

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    I saw him play in the two games against the Skins...he made some mistakes that we capitalized on to win the second game, but in the first game he put up 36 points on our defense, not something I would have expected out of Tampa Bay (although Cornelius Griffin and Sean Taylor were out this game). He has the potential to be very good IMO. I'd shake my head at the Bucs if they let him go.
  10. jimmy40

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    They should talk to the Jets. I'm sure they would give a couple firsts if they would give a third for Romo. :laugh2:
  11. AbeBeta

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    don't see any. Simms -- come on. guy's decent stats come mostly from having faced the Saints twice.

    Brees -- too much of a question mark with that shoulder.

    Culpepper -- let's see give up a pick and pay a huge contract. seems like we've been down that same road at other positions.
  12. ravidubey

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    I'm not sold on Chris Simms. He has the feel of a game manager and I want more for the Dallas Cowboys.
  13. DragonCowboy

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    there you go. That's the reason in the nutshell. As much as I hate him, Sean Taylor was the reason the Redskins won that game against Tampa and could be a very big reason for the Redskins defeating the Eagles. Simms is a young kid, i think Gryphon wanted us to pick him up to attempt to finish up what the Bucs started. Man it would suck for you guys to lose Sean Taylor because of some bogus gun waving charge. But life moves on...for you guys I mean

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