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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 30, 2013.

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    72 of West Virginia WR Stedman Bailey's 114 receptions in 2012 resulted in a first down or touchdown.
    STATS Inc. calls these "clutch receptions," and Bailey leads the draft eligible receiver group on 148 targets. A favorite of Geno Smith in the red zone, Bailey has a knack for coming up with big catches in important situations. We absolutely love his game and consider him a second-round talent.
    Source: John Pollard on Twitter Mar 30 - 10:26 AM
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    Honestly that is a mind boggling stat. Basically saying just about every time he touches the ball something good happens. IMO he has alot of Steve (Panthers) Smith to his game. Ideal slot guy, second round sounds a little high but doubt he makes it to the the third. Bottom line, continuous play maker. Its probably fair to ask how much attention Austin drew helped him though.
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    I've read on Twitter that Green Bay has some heavy interest alongwith the Panthers. I've watched this kid play every game for the last 3 years and all I can say he's a gamer. Best set of hands in this draft bar-none, has better game speed than flat 40 time (Just ask Claiborne and Matheiu, torched them).
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    I'd be extremely upset if we took a WR before the 6th round. I get the BPA mindset but we just aren't there as a team. We have to make an attempt to protect our 100m qb. Even if that fails we can say we at least attempted it.
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    He's my choice in the 3rd. May not even mind moving up to do it. Strikes me as a real football player.
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    Speaking of Matheiu, read the Pats are bringing him in for a private work out. Guess play maker trumps RKG in NE.
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    Love Bailey but I think some team takes him in the 2nd or early 3rd. We won't be able to get him.
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    NE & Baltimore have never been afraid to bring in talented-but-troubled types. It's worked out well for them so far.

    On topic: I like Bailey a lot. I'd love it if we found a way to get him on the team, as long as we get a quality O lineman & a disruptive D lineman (which may preclude drafting him).
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    I like Bailey too, but if we go that high for a WR, I'd like us to consider Da'Rick Rogers.

    I know, I know....he has red flags, but I think he has a better shot at being a star at the next level.
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    I disagree with that. You take best player available every time. Especially in the 3rd, 4th, 5th round. Guys you take there are not expected to start day one anyway. You have to take a top WR like Bailey if he was there in 3rd, or a guy like Swope in the 4th. Both will probably go 2nd round, but i'm just giving an example.

    You can have depth one minute, and be down to street free agents the next minute. 2012 season was a huge example of this. Miles Austin is injury prone, and Dez plays so hard that he can get injured any minute. A guy like Bailey would step in and be a playmaker.

    So you wouldnt take Stedman Bailey in the 3rd or 4th round? Over what? Some guard that will never see the field(David Arkin).

    2012 Draft had a very similar situation arise. Dallas selected Tyrone Crawford in the 3RD Round at #81. Could end up being a good player. But 11 picks later the Colts selected WR T.Y. Hilton at #92.

    If we would have selected Hilton people like you would have went crazy. "Why did we take a WR in the 3rd round? We have Dez, Miles Austin, some guy named Andre Holmes. We are not there as a team."

    Crawford barely made an impact and Hilton had 50 catches for 861 yards, 7 touchdowns. Oh and he runs a 4.3 forty and is an excellent return man.

    You take playmakers if they slide. Look where we got Dez. Look where we got Demarco Murray. If we wouldnt have went BPA on those picks, then what?
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I want this guy on our team... He's a helluva WR!
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    Hey I certainly see what you're saying. My point of view .. In THIS NFL is that very rarely are you in position to BPA each year. If you ARE its at the most a two year stretch. There has to be a period when you take a "need to" and I think we're there. With Harris and Beasley we have some solid slot/4th wr. Looking at our cap situation and the big picture.I'd think that's a fair assessment ? To be drafting for need is definitely a negative but with Jerry

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