Steeler friend/fan said it best about Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Wood

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    he is our Kordell Steward. A guy management fell in love with and ultimately held onto for too long. Costas comment after the game stunned me that Romo has lost 6 out of 7 elimination games. We can't escape that reality. Not sure what options are out there for Dallas but continuing with a Romo guided team is act of futility. I woke up yesterday with kid excitement because a tiny piece of me felt maybe Romo was over the hump. But we just need to accept who he is and make major changes regardless how painful they may be for short term.
  2. CATCH17

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    We have no choice but to stick with Romo for the short term.

    His offensive coordinator not giving him any answers last night was the killer though.
  3. Eddie

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    I thought this would be Romo's vindication game also. Fool me once.

    Fool me 5 out of 7 times.

    He is what he is. Stat machine who doesn't have what it takes when it matters the most.

    I see no point moving on with him. Why? More late season failures?
  4. Boysathelm

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    We won't find a better quarterback than Romo this offseason, neither in the draft nor in free agency. The only thing this team can do is build better support around him for 2013, and draft for the future in 2014.
  5. Eddie

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    We may not find an athletically better QB, but we can definitely find a QB who can manage the game.
  6. Venger

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    You have to love this - now he is Kordell Stewart?

    The fans of this team don't even deserve the mediocre team we have...
  7. Double

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    So what are the options..... everyone is ranting "trade Romo" "trade Rome" "get rid of Romo" but no one is coming up with who will be our QB if Romo is gone. Realistically, Romo still gives this team the best chance of success if he is provided a better team, a better run game, a better O-Line etc. All the "trade" and "get rid of" talk is simply a "shoot now, ask questions later" strategy. There has to be plans in place before we take such actions. So i ask again, we get rid of Romo and hand the reins to who?
  8. Boysathelm

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    You want to replace Romo for a pedestrian game manager? Come on, man, that's a step down, don't you think. If we're going to bring in a QB, I'd rather that QB be someone young with Romo's athletic skillset, specifically someone with the ability to extend plays. Unfortunately, neither the free agency nor this upcoming draft will yield any such player.
  9. Manster54

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    I have no Stealer fan friend. They are all ****** bags.
  10. Eddie

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    The op suggested the similarility between the Steeler and Cowboy organizations' infatuations with athletically gifted QB's who didn't have what it takes to take their teams to the next level. Both organizations held onto hope for far too long.

    The Steelers came to the realization that chasing Stewart was a folly, and drafted Ben Rapist. Regardless, the Steelers have hence won two Super Bowls sans Stewart.

    Maybe it's time to realize that in order to shift into first gear, we need to move out of neutral. In order to do so, we need to prepare our next QB. It's a risk, but if we don't ... here's to looking at 3 or 4 more 8-8 non-playoff seasons.
  11. WV Cowboy

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    Romo had it all, right in front of him last night.

    Every man on the roster had battled and fought, clawed and scratched, hung in there and we had everything right in front of us.

    We were down three, with 3 or 4 minutes left. The game right in our hands.

    Romo could get every monkey off his back with a game winning drive. We had time, the 2:00 warning, timeouts.

    It was all right in front of us, .. couldn't ask for more than this opportunity.

    We just needed to be patient and move the chains.

    And then Romo makes a dumb decision, throws a lame duck pass, ... game over.

    Why ?? It was first down I think. Just throw it away, we were in 4 down territory anyway.

    I love Romo, I want him to win so bad, .. I was cheering for him to get it done, and prove everyone wrong.

    I was shouting, "this is your time Tony, do it now!!"

    But what does he do, .. he proves all of his naysayers right.

    You saw what he did, he flushed our chances for a great come from behind win down the drain.

    At the most critical time of the game, most critical time of the entire season.

    With a jr. varsity decision / play.

    Everything was there for the taking, NFC East champs, playoffs, host a game, .. Romo could prove all doubters wrong.

    Did the skins 'D' clamp down and shut us down ??

    No, Romo served up the game-saving turnover.

    This has gotten very old.
  12. percyhoward

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    Right because the perfect complement to our 29th-ranked pass defense and our 31st-ranked running game would be a game manager with average stats.
  13. TheCoolFan

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    I think even Romo doesn't believe in himself anymore. Damaged goods
  14. Venger

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    Eddie, yours is an intelligent response, and I am taken aback by it 'round these parts...

    I would reply that even if Romo was Johnny Unitas reborn, now is the time to prepare our next QB. If he isn't on the roster next year, we are going to pay a price down the road.
  15. Eddie

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    The end result would be the same. No playoffs.

    At least give us a guy we can have a future with. Romo is a black hole. I'm done with him. Same old same old.

    Nothing will change. He's not a choke artist. He simply doesn't have what it takes.
  16. Dave_in-NC

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  17. Cowboyz88

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    The reality is that it should've been addressed before now, but like Mr Jones, so many fans felt like it was foolish to draft a QB to groom because Romo would be "the guy" until he was 38 or so.

    The whispers of wanting Dalton, and liking Kaepernick, sound really great, but as he has done so many times, Mr Jones didn't strike when he should've because he loved fools gold.

    I've said all along that, of course, I wanted Mr. Romo to lead us to a championship, but he is what he is. Had we lost a hard fought game without any Romo mistakes, OK, but again with the game there to be had, he spit the bit at the worst possible moment, again. To say otherwise is folly.

    As this year has clearly proven, if you have a dependable QB, you can go from the outhouse to the penthouse (Luck, RG3, Wilson) very quickly or get even stronger (P Manning, Kaepernick) than you were.

    We have Romo.
  18. Boysathelm

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    Give me some names. The upcoming draft class is weak in QBs, and free agency isn't spilling out any viable alternatives either. That means we'd have to trade to acquire one, IMO. And there's only 1 young QB with workable qualities and the ability to extend plays that I'd be interested in trading for, but unfortunately, he's a backup for a division rival.
  19. DanteEXT

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    5 of those 6 loses have been road games. It's hard to win on the road in the NFL. Period.

    Case in point, there's a sure-fire first ballot HOF QB playing in the NFL today that, if I am not mistaken,has only won twice in seven road elimination games.

    Has Romo made mistakes in these games that put the team in a bad position? Yes. I'm not absolving him of his failures. I do not view them all as his fault. These are professional athletes he's playing against, not some peewee team. Who are paid to try and create these mistakes. And yesterday, they were successful. I know it's painful to say, but Washington did their job better than Dallas.

    (And no, I am not comparing him to a HOF player as far as play on the field. Only using it to point out that road games are not easy)
  20. WV Cowboy

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    I am a Romo fan, but my youngest son and I said the same thing this morning.

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