Steelers | Cowher on the cover for new EA 'NFL Head Coach' game

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:41:13 -0800

    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher will be on the cover for Electronic Arts' new video game, NFL Head Coach. The game will challenge the hands-on gamer to build and manage every aspect of a football team from the ground up. Cowher said, "With NFL Head Coach there is finally a game that gives true football fans the chance to strategize and become the head coach of their favorite team. Coaching is about leadership and everyone will now see how difficult, but also how rewarding coaching can be." The game is scheduled to arrive in stores June 20.
  2. cleverusername

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    I'll buy it. That is my favorite part of Madden. Sounds cool.

    LILCOOK Benched

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    Wow! It comes out on my b-day? Gotta tell my gf to get me this game lol.
  4. locked&loaded

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    is he going to be smiling like a half cocked rooster on it....
  5. littlewebs

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    So can you even play the games?
  6. kingwhicker

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    Hopefully it will have the same effect as the Madden curse on his "Super" Stealers.
  7. Da Hammer

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    i would think so because it would be boring not to
  8. SteveOS

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  9. t.o.boys81

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    Screw Cowher, put Parcells on the cover!
  10. Eddie

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    Geez, wonderful ... another innovation from EA to rape the consumers.

    This game is nothing more than Madden franchise mode with some added bells and whistles.

    Man, EA really knows how to rob it's customers. Look out for the new Madden 07 ... with the new added feature of turning OFF the QB flashlight.

    Amazing. EA's the only company who can get away with selling the SAME game, with a different cover, for the past 7 years.
  11. Catch-22

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    Parcells has yet to be in any of the Madden games since he became our coach, will he be in this game?
  12. t.o.boys81

    t.o.boys81 New Member

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    Doubt it.
  13. rdsknsbaby

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    id buy it.... it seems pretty cool.

    LILCOOK Benched

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    I doubt you'll be able to play tha games. You'll probably just be able to call tha plays & watch the plays unfold.
  15. felix360

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    i was wondering why parcells isnt on madden, when i first got madden 06, i was pissed cuz parcells wasnt on there, i wanted to fire his ***, lol jk, why isn't he in the game? instead they some guy that looks like dennis green
  16. Tricked

    Tricked Fascinated

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    wow man! that feature sounds so cool, it's always bothered me, i need get it :D

    yeah, EA is the worst publisher out there.. i refuse to buy another battlefield game after my BF2 experience
  17. BadKarma

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    The Madden Curse could strike again! Maybe Cowers will get lockjaw. :eek:
  18. VThokie7

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    I can't wait for this game. Me and my best friend always Sim franchises whenever we play each other rather then the actual game. Any internet GM should love it. I just wish it would be backwards compatible for the 360, but oh well saved my xbox for a reason i guess
  19. BeWare94

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    Parcells probably won't even be on the game a la John Madden's games.
  20. BeWare94

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    Are you talking about coach "Dallas Coach"? They could at least have a feature that lets you edit Mr. Coach. I'd just use John Fox's head and give him blonde hair.

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