Steelers will indeed lose a late-round pick

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    Yes, $100,000 will come out of the paycheck of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for his Thanksgiving sideline side step. But that’s not the end of the punishment.

    While Peter King of said during Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that the Steelers will lose a draft pick only if the Ravens miss the playoffs due to the failure of Jacoby Jones to score a touchdown on the play with which Tomlin interfered, King has since advised PFT that he was incorrect.

    A late-round draft pick will indeed be forfeited by the Steelers, regardless of whether the Ravens miss the playoffs. In the unlikely event that the tiebreaking process for the Ravens goes deep enough to consider net points and the Ravens miss the playoffs because the drive in question ended in a field goal and not a touchdown, the penalty will be enhanced.

    Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports first reported that the Steelers will lose a late-round pick.

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    Yes, losing a sixth round pick will really show them.
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    Antonio Brown was a 6th round pick. So yeah, losing a sixth might hurt a little.
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    It will. Do you think Tomlin will pull this kind of stunt again? Will any other team try it?
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    It didn't affect the result so a sixth is fair enough. The do need all the help they can get.

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