Stephen A Smith *gasps* sides with the Cowboys on EE suspension

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Romonater, Aug 12, 2017 at 1:23 PM.

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    Hell has frozen over. lol
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  3. paladin78749

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    My feeling is SAS will take whatever position will result in the most clicks/attention.
    Unsure that intellectual integrity is his strongest suit.
  4. TwoDeep3

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    We're telling the world you're guilty, even if you are innocent." SAS.

    This is exactly the issue, and have ruined any chance of Elliott defending himself in a civil suit because of prejudice, or a woman lying about the events.
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  5. casmith07

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    The entire show's premise is such - First Take that is.

    It boggles my mind that people still get so emotional about Stephen A. Smith's hot takery.
  6. Ranching

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    I wish his name was A. Stephen Smith. His initials would fit better.
  7. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Well I just listened to him. Agree with him 100%. The NFL is declaring to the world that Zeek is guilty.
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  8. mattjames2010

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    He was partly right, but he again still agrees with part of the problem - "You got your name in the media, 2 game suspension" - This is still part of the NFL problem. "Suspensions" aren't stopping anything, it does nothing but take star players off the field and hurts the entertainment. The NFL relies on star players more than ever.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    This might make me sound like an ******* but it is what is is. Stephen A Smith is only siding with us because for him it's an issue about race.

    Even if he didn't directly come out and say it I've watched his stuff enough to know that it's about that with him, and nothing more.

    If EE was white he wouldn't be siding with the Cowboys.
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  10. Doomsday

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    Did you listen to the whole thing? 1/2 way through he changes his mind and says he should be locked up.
  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    He's also going by what that NFL paper say which is all about their side of the story. If that is all you read then he should be. It's totally one sided and is being used to justify the suspension. What are the police and DA saying about it ? Because if the NFL has all this evidence then why are there no charges?
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  12. LocimusPrime

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  13. links18

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    How so?
  14. Sportsdude360

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    Stephen A. Smith has repeatedly said that he hates the Cowboys and their fans. This news should make him deliriously happy.
  15. Melonfeud

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    I was lead to believe it's always been about a Tony Dorsett Jersey,,,
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  16. TwoDeep3

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    There has been a comment since this went down that she received those bruises in a bar fight that has zip to do with Elliott. There is also a text where she told him she would ruin his career.

    So, what if..........................................................................................he didn't do it?

    But he was just convicted in public by a kangaroo court that has no responsibility to the truth and comes down to one man's decision. A man that has exhibited in the past that his power is infinite in this league.

    Does the public actually look past the indictment by Goodell or merely ignore this might not be the way he says because our society has ADD and..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................oh look at the cute kitten.

    Victimhood is what America is about now.

    I'm going to ruin your career says a great deal to me.
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  17. RoboQB

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    You could knock me over with a feather right now.
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  18. links18

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    At some point, the envelope will get pushed too far and there will be a PR backlash against this arbitrary exercise of quasi-judicial power. Will this be the turning point?
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  19. rat2k8

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    He has been backing Zeke for months on this DV. I watch First Take regularly.
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  20. Biggems

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    You don't love or like the person anymore and you try to remove yourself from the relationship, but they don't want you to. They go out of their way to make your life miserable for trying to leave. I have seen this obsession over and over and it is scary. I have seen men and women get violent, abusive, and crazy. I have seen extreme vandalism, theft, stalking, sabotage, slander, defamation of character, and completely false accusations. It can be a severely trying time for those involved with these psychos.

    I also feel that if a woman wants to act lime a man and be violent towards a man, he should have every right to reciprocate. I used to feel that a man should never hit a eoman, but that gives women free passes to act stupid with their violence towards men. I would never physically abuse my wife, she is a treasure, a lady. But, I can understand how some men would harm their significant other, who was constantly starting the violence. A man should never instigate or start any violence towards woman, but like I said earlier, he should be allowed to reciprocate. If a man hits another man, a fight will break out most likely. If a woman hits a man, he has to walk away, which is BS. She is allowed by society to commit assault and abuse and still be seen as a victim.

    You cannot control accusations against you. If someone decides in their mind you wronged them, then they can accuse you of whatever, even if it is completely false. In the NFL you would still get suspended. If I were the players, when Brady got suspended, as a league, I would have walked out until Roger caved. Send a strong message that his abuse of power will not be toletated. Hit him and the owners in their pockets and make it hurt.

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