Stephen Jones: ‘Too many schemes’ caused 'Boys to replace Rob Ryan with Monte Kiffin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Kiffen has already established his NFL credentials. Rob Ryan is still trying to find his.
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    First it was because his defense couldn't close out games, now it's because Ryans defense was to complex? what a crock of crap, the real reason Ryan was fired...was because skeletor didn't have the balls to fire Garrett top
    and the remaining jokes on offense

    so he picked on the weakest guy and made him the scapegoat
  3. CATCH17

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    We know the offense lacks schemes. Now the defense can lack it too.
  4. Risen Star

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    Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

    There was nothing wrong with our schemes on offense or defense last year. We lost because our players weren't good enough.

    The way I see it, Ryan was canned as a sacrificial lamb to appease the fan base. Look, we're rearranging the deck chairs again. We're on top of it. All is well.

    Next year, if we don't win, it'll be Garrett.

    Neither addresses the real problem.
  5. Marktui

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    Rush 3 and play coverage, yet they still complete a big pass play on us. That was the most painful thing to watch.
  6. Idgit

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    I don't think that's true at all. I believe we had trouble getting players from the street up to speed on the defensive scheme last year, and it really handicapped us at the end of the year in terms of what we otherwise wanted to do with our fronts. Couple that with the restrictions of the new CBA in terms of what you can do to get players ready, and it obviously had an effect on what the team thought it could do, tactically, to get the defense ready to play through an entire 16 game season.

    Most of us were both sympathetic with what the defensive coaches were up against last season (I was, and I hated Rob Ryan in Dallas). At the same time, it was perplexing to watch us play coverage and rushing only three in critical situations late in the year. I have no issues whatsoever believing that was a key factor in making a DC switch.

    It also jives with what Garrett has to say in terms of both having a world of respect for RR as a coach, and for the move to a fairly tried-and-true scheme that's plug-and-play for a lot of college players by the time they get to the NFL.

    It's a lot easier to believe the given explanation than it is to attribute it to scapegoating a defensive coach of all things when most fans are irritated at the performance of the offense in the first place.
  7. Doomsday101

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    You give any QB time they will find an open WR. Zone or man will not matter.
  8. Risen Star

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    I don't agree. It wasn't a scheme problem. You shouldn't be able to dip into street free agents so often and expect your defense not to suffer. I don't care what scheme it is. You need talent. There's a reason why these guys are on the street.

    This is modus operandi for the Cowboys in January. Rob is this year's fall guy. Jason will be next. Jerry will find something every year to get you to focus on to get your attention off the real problem.

    We haven't reached the point in the offseason where we can begin to fix the roster. So maybe we'll see real change there. But if the story of this offseason is a defensive scheme shift and a different play caller on offense, this would be yet another failed offseason.
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    After a December 2011 loss to the New York Giants, in which Dallas surrendered 400 passing yards, cornerback Mike Jenkins vented his frustration.

    “If you look at the film, we’re all not on the same page,” he said then. “We’re all looking at each other with our heads chopped off. Once we get that together, we’re going to be all right.”

    According to Jenkins at the time, it sounds like a scheme problem, unless some posters think Jenkins is stupid, or a bad player.
  10. Idgit

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    If you think a new scheme will allow you to get a guy off the street ready to play sooner, and you're expecting to have to do that more frequently going forward due to changes across the league, then that's a perfectly valid reason to make a coordinator change. It's a reasonable explanation.

    As for fall guys, we changed two coordinators and two position coaches. So, if you're inclined to believe the changes weren't decisions the team made for football reasons instead of for PR reasons, then you can take your pick of your favorite fall guy for 2012. If that's the case, though, RR sure's had a tough run of being the fall guy for DC gigs. I feel for him.
  11. Clove

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    bottom line, there was no pressure on the quarterback. roll out any scheme you want, if you can't get to the quarterback , it's useless.
  12. Vinnie2u

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    Watching a one legged RG3 Standing back there with a clean uniform was a back breaker..
  13. Risen Star

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    That's what it is right there. This simplified scheme to account for the rare year where you have a ton of injuries on one side of the ball doesn't fly.

    You'll never convince me the 4-3 is a better scheme. Last I checked the Super Bowl was played with two 3-4 defenses. They must have missed the memo on this keep it simple, go 4-3 idea.

    The GM talked of being uncomfortable this offseason. Like every offseason. He's not about to change himself. His son is going nowhere. He's not ready yet to can the head coach, he's too comfortable with him. So Rob, you're up. You're the problem this year. We'll even make another cosmetic change of play caller on offense.

    Wake me up when there's real change and our problems are actually being addressed.
  14. Wolfpack

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    How do most team manage the Next Man Up thing and not here?

    The pattern might be that the TC guys get cut to keep the development long shots. Thus you have no real depth and have to bring in a Street guy to actually play while the depth guys ride the pine cause they are pet cats? Its like the whole keeping 3 kickers awhile ago. Just silly.

    How does Erin Simms roll in and none of the guys on the squad from TC can? Why not bring Erin in during TC if he was the guy? Why have Dan Conner on the team if he cant start?
  15. T-RO

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    We are going backwards. Our defense might have been top ten next year. Not now.

    Absolutely horrific decision-making once again at Valley Ranch.

    Too many schemes? No, too few healthy bodies.
  16. Little Jr

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    I have no problem with firing rob. I agree his schemes was questionable at times. I just don't get where the accountability on the offense side of the ball?
  17. JerryFan

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    I agree 100%. It would drive me nuts and then wonder why our DB'S didn't have a lot of INT's. He'd give the qb a perfect comfy pocket to throw on damn near anything longer then 3rd and 10.
  18. Joe Rod

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    If they truly feel that way, then why didn't they feel that way after watching Wade Phillips have to "simplify" the defense virtually every year when he was here in-season? Free Agency and injuries have been commonplace for decades, was it magically supposed to change because they brought in Rob Ryan and more complex schemes?

    The beauty of the 3-4 is the confusion it can bring to offenses, yet Rob Ryan is at fault for making the defense have different schemes like other successful 3-4 defenses. Seems like they just wasted a few years.
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    To Jerry's credit, the CBA was renewed after Rob had been hired.

    The new CBA rules really limit practice time. As Garrett mentioned in the press conference, they essentially felt with less practice time and hitting allowed, it has created more injuries and thus you need players who can step right in and it's too difficult, from their perspective, to do in a complex scheme.

    I believe there was much more to getting rid of Ryan than just too many and too complex schemes. But, since day 1 Garrett has put a major focus on players being able to come right into the game and play. It's even been mentioned that he doesn't refer to anybody as a 'backup.' So I can believe their concerns about injuries and how to best combat them. Whether it works or not is another question.

  20. Double Trouble

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    Stephen Jones has such vast and deep experience with NFL defenses, it's clear that he's more than qualified to make such a call.

    We're fortunate to have him to go to war against people like Mike Shanahan and Jerry Reese.

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