Stephen Jones: “It’s not all on Tony’s shoulders”

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Eh, if that's the way you want to perceive it i guess. All he said was we need to do everything better. From the kicker to the head coach and everything in between we need to be better. No real pot shots or anything interesting in that statement. Every team that didn't win the super bowl last year can say the same exact thing.
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    How many personnel years do the Cowboys have covered by current contracts, and how does that compare with the NFL average? How are those personnel years weighted relative to other teams when it comes to key positions and key players? How many club-option triggers are counted in those Cowboys contracts and how do those triggerable revisions compare to the rest of the league?

    Dollars booked at this point is pretty much a useless measurement of how effectively a team's cap is being used unless you're also able to provide the rest of the relavant context.
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    most accurate summations Ive read in awhile, those were interesting decisions in the sense... interesting because the general fan base collectively would have made the better decision in all of your examples, and this team would be better for it today, so granted this team had some real mental midgets in recent history in way too influencial postitions, Campo for example was one of the worst, horrible evaluator of talent, really handy capped the entire Defense with bad scheme.... on and on..
    But the past is the past, really like the current staff thats in place now,,, Kiffin and marinellii already putting together a defense that had most of the components already on the roster, more than most initially thought,, adding some nice depth, in Durant and Allen,, both of these guys are necessary fits in this D, and Will Allen is easily the starting SS right now.
    This draft can really define this defense if they jump all over some DL and you know they will, just cant help but get excited thinking about the possibility of a Star Lotulelei, Sharrif Floyd , Sheldon Richardson, any of those I would take at 18 regardless, and this defense gets really nasty, really fast. The first round pick is as sure fire as it gets this year,, its the rest of the draft were they have to really hit and this team can get really strong at areas OL, DL, RB in one single draft, just a really rich draft class at all those areas.
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    I really don't need the other stats. The Cowboys are close to thirty million over the cap next year. They found out this year that it can halt free agent signings and even their own players are trouble to sign. Dallas is close to 40 million over the average of other teams. How many times can they restructure contracts ? At some point, the bill has to be paid.
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    That's what stood out to me as well.....
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    It shouldn't be all on Romo's shoulders, at least not if you want to win anytime soon. We're a .500 team when playing pass happy football. I still have no idea why Garrett decided we need to pass more after the 2009 season when we were 7th in the NFL in running the ball and made it to the divisional round. It actually started in that Vikings playoff loss, we went down 10-3 in the 2nd Quarter and we abandoned the run game, even though Felix was averaging 5 yards a clip and recommitting to running the ball was the reason for our late season surge that year. We've been a 1-dimensional team ever since, and have yet to post a winning record.

    I pray that Garrett realizes this, and commits the rest of our off-season resources to prioritizing the run game. Romo is at his best when he has a run game to lean on, we can utilize the play-action pass, and this offense looks like a machine.

    Stop trying to turn us into the Saints. Garrett is not Sean Payton and Romo is not Drew Brees. It is not the correct formula for us. Take some pressure off Romo's plate so we're not solely dependent on him every week, because when he feels that way he starts to press and that's when the mistakes happen.

    We can win with Tony, but it's not going to happen because of Tony. Forge a run game.
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    gotta be on the inside to figure this out :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Get the D better and fix that bloody horrendous O line. Then were talking ........ Stupid pandering we know we watch the games IDIOT !!!
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    Wow. I can't believe we actually have people praising the Jones' for their management of the cap.

    That's pretty funny.
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    You really do need the other stats, you just don't realize it. If Dallas is covering more players for more years, or has more of it's better players under contract. Or if it has more triggers built in than other teams that make the cap number for a given year effectively larger, but which can be unilaterally moved at any point, then all of those things matter.

    If they don't, then you may be right that they're mismanaging things. But it's very possible what you're seeing is simply a philosophical difference in terms of how to account for player costs against a long-term salary cap.

    The fact that a team is tight up against the cap in a year when the effects of the new CBA are most pronounced, their franchise QB's deal requires extending, a franchise DE needs extending and the team has an unexpected league-imposed cap penalty should not really be all that surprising. I ding them for not getting Spencer done affordably earlier, and for juggling him and Romo this offseason, but that's about it. Otherwise, I think what you're seeing is a planned-for tight year that got unexpectedly tighter do to the penalty and the lower CBA--both of which variables were pretty tough to foresee. This was a team that was always built to operate pretty close to the edge of the allowed cap, and we're lucky in a way that the organization is willing to commit to that level of player activity.
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    Right off the top of my head, we can cut Free, Bernadeau and Livings to cut $13m in salary. We can restructure Romo, Witten and Carr for ~$15m. After those near $30m in reductions, you can start deciding what to do with Ware, Ratliff, Austin, and Scandrick. That's about another $25m in salary there as well. Those last 4 guys, at least 3 of them would see the salary cap hand wringers jump for joy if they were cut. Then of course there are a myriad of nickel and dime restructures that would contribute more millions.

    This is all before I take the cap figure that jnday left uncited with a huge grain of salt. This is all before you consider the supposedly static cap went up 2% this past year. This is before you consider the controls the NFL got for the Fox TV deal start coming off next year. This is before you consider that the NFL only got NFL network picked up by all national carriers last Fall.

    I personally don't care what other teams have done. I am concerned about what we can do.
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    39 Likes Received does a good job of showing current and future caps. they breakdown deadcap and players under contract. they don't show options and triggers, but for a basic understanding its very good.

    in 2015 when tv money should kick in you guys. have 21 players under contract with 135million charged. ultimately you can always roll forward, but your options are more restricted or you have to restructure players you would rather cut.


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