Stephen Jones: Jerry Jones still heavily involved in Dallas Cowboys’ personnel decisions

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Alexander, Mar 21, 2014.

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    How do you leave Quincy out of this discussion? The scouts were all over Kendrell Bell and Jerry reached for QC. And the scouts warned Jerry about Martellus Bennett. They had him pegged as lazy and that the coaches would have to keep their foot on his throat. Same scouts called Roy Williams lazy as well. Jerry pulled the trigger.

    It's unreal the "evidence" that people ask for and then when you give it to them (ie: Floyd), they point out that it worked out well and disregarded the argument all together. No doubt, as it stands now, it looks like passing on Floyd was a good move. But Jerry over ruled his scouts and passed on the guy they had rated in the top 10. This time it worked out. Most times, as with QC, it'll fail.
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    When Jerry came out and basically said Garrett will be spending all of his time with the defense because he was just butting in where he didn't belong last year with Callahan.............that is the closet you are going to get to Jerry admitting Garrett has been a total failure here.

    Marinelli took a crap this morning and that crap knows more about defense than Garrett ever will, so Garrett is going to be doing jack on defense this year, but Jerry had to make up a job for his failure of a head coach.
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    Even Stephen Jones has said that last year in the war room was a total fustercluck and that the scouts and coaches were not on the same page.

    How the hell are the coaches and scouts not on the same page when you have like 4 months to put the draft board together?
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    All teams run this way... At least that's what they tell me.
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    It's baffling how even when Jerry himself comes out and says he's making the decisions the pro Jerry crowd just ignore it and claim he's just a figurehead and everything is fine because it's a group effort LOL

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