Stephen Jones on evaluating core group

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 29, 2012.

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    The problem with Stephen Jones is I have just never heard him say anything that gave the slightest hint he has any special insight into running a football team. His comments on the first entry are so generic as to be meaningless. If he has any significant talent in this area, he is keeping it hidden.
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    You just explained garretts resume to a tee
  3. Wood

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    and what about the GM that makes more than all the other GMs combined.
  4. Vanilla2

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    So jimmy says something negative about Dallas it's gospel

    But if he says something positive its a throw away statement that's not meant to offend anyone

    Y'all are a bunch of hypocrites that jump on anything that fits your current agenda.
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    Bye Doug Free, it was nice knowing you.
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    It's too bad this took off into a bash Stephen Jones thread because his comments seem to be a clear warning to the players that there's going to be a pretty significant house cleaning if the team continues to underachieve.
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    I cannot wait for this guy to take over the team. That's the exact attitude I'd expect from an owner or a GM.
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    Game, Set, Match!

    Winner HoustonFrog

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