Twitter: Stephen Jones on KRLD - 11/11/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Jon Machota ‏@********** 29m
    Stephen Jones: #Cowboys still need to take shots throwing to Dez even when he's doubled, "which we did last night" on the two throws to him.
    Blame staff for injuries? Stephen Jones: Strength coach Woicik is 1 of best in the business. With 6 SB rings "his success speaks for itself"

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 20m
    Stephen Jones on 105.3 The Fan: ‘For the Giants, we’ll have a big part of our group back and ready to go, other than maybe one guy.’
    Stephen to KRLD on criticism of Kiffin defense: ‘Everybody comes under fire. That’s to be expected. That’s part of what accountability is.’
    Stephen Jones on KRLD says Cowboys have to find right balance on offense, make teams ‘pay a price’ for taking away Dez.
  2. Plankton

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    The Jones's should never talk about accountability, and maintain a straight face.

    Oh, and remind me again why both Jerry and Stephen have radio shows? What good does it actually do the football operation?
  3. DavidS

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    Your comments perfectly match your Username
  4. Plankton

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    Not sure what that is supposed to mean, but, good comeback, bro.

    ~high five~
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  5. egn22

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    so after week 10 we still need to find a way to use Dez properly?
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  6. links18

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    Stephen Jones the next face of medicority.
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  7. dexternjack

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    Plankton as in the tiny creatures that feed the big fish. Hence, the Jones(big fish) radio show(plankton). They are feeding their egos.
  8. Idgit

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    I have to admit, I was confused by it, too. :)
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  9. DavidS

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    Good comeback...bro?

  10. Plankton

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    Still not getting it. Thanks for the translation though.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Next time add Sexy Time

    At least I get a good laugh thinking of Borat :)
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  12. scottsp

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    More of the same recycled garbage after a loss. I'm sure they realize it has no value, but someone somewhere might take something from it.
  13. DFWJC

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    If they moved Dez around more (and if he learned all three postions) it would not be so easy to take him out of the game.

    I noticed on his one catch Romo busted the formation and just plugged him into the was total street ball.
    Garrett/Callhan/Romo must get more creative with Dez.
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  14. khiladi

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    everybody comes under fire and is accountable except Jason Garrett... When it comes to the offense, Romo has to throw into double-coverage, not find ways to get favorable match-ups.. Shut-up Stephen...
  15. Bluestang

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    Stephen has a point about Dez...just look at what Johnson and Stafford do in crunch times.
  16. Picksix

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    Exactly. I don't think SJ or JJ would know accountability if it was sitting on their faces.
  17. tyke1doe

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    I laughed. <shrug>
  18. Cowboyz88

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    Oh the irony of a Jones saying that.
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  19. Double Trouble

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    You can make bank on the fact that the next Cowboys game will feature Romo forcing the ball to Bryant, often. One of the Jones makes a suggestion like this, it's in the gamplan.
  20. tyke1doe

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    I know this may be controversial and I don't know how true it is, but I'll say it.
    I think Garrett and Callahan are scared to move Dez around because I don't think they think he's smart enough to master the playbook with respect to all the formations and positions Dez needs to know to line up out wide or in the slot or any other position.
    I have to believe this is the case because Garrett and Callahan can't be THAT stupid can they?
    There has to be a reason they refuse to get their best receiver the ball or move him around to defeat press coverage and double, triple coverage.

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