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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Did it surprise you that Price had so few suitors?
    The cap situation of teams and growing concerns about what will happen next year if we don’t get a labor agreement makes a lot of teams conservative with dollars right now. Anytime you got a player who is leaving a contract and outright released there are concerns about that issue too. But we have some knowledge of the player from people who have played with him.

    Did it surprise you could get Fujita for a couple of late round draft picks?
    Its more and more difficult to get trades done because teams hold onto their draft picks and are frugal with them. We thought we had some trades done with some of our own players who will play in this league, but they fell through. We did our homework on Scott, and we think in this 3-4 scheme will excel. He was already a pretty good player in the 4-3, even though it wasn’t the best system for him.

    You got him for a 6th rounder and conditional 7th. If you are sitting in the 6th round with Fujita there, you would take him immediately.
    Well, the flip side is we only got him for 1 year before he’s a UFA. You would have a rookie for 4 years. But if he fits, we’ll resign him.

    Willie Pile is interesting young player.
    We have scouts that have knowledge of him from KC, and he fits what we were looking for at FS. We felt he was better than what we currently had on our roster. Lynn Scott has been a solid player for us, but we felt he was more of a SS. We’ve been really pleased with Pile the first couple of days of practice.

    Any negotiations with any other free agents.
    Currently, no.


    Do you have a short list of people to call if Cortez doesn’t work out?
    One is on our practice squad. Yes, we have another one we worked out yesterday. We are keeping a close eye on that position.

    How much cap space do you have right now?
    We got plenty of room to sign someone else if they improve our team.

    $2 million or more?

    $5 million or more?
    Depending on what you count. We got incentives and signing bonus that will be entered in.

    You put Jeff Robinson on waivers, are you nervous about field goals with Condo a rookie, Romo not much holding and Cortez on a short leash.
    You have some uneasiness, but we really charted the snappers thoroughly. That doesn’t put them in true game situations, but you always have uneasiness when you go with a rookie at any position.

    As you look at this football team, what is your biggest concern?
    Safety, Keith a first year starter and not much depth there. I feel better at LB with Fujita. And the inexperience at RT. Pettiti has done a great job, and only getting better and healthier. Torrin Tucker has looked good, but there isn’t a proven veteran there. And anytime you have a new QB you wonder how that will work out, but we have confident that Drew will have a great year.

    NFL rules are that a veteran on the roster on Week 1 is counted against the cap. Is it possible that next week there will be a veteran safety looked at?

    I think it depends on how the game goes. How Pile looks in practice this week. On the other hand, if we like what we see from the 3 safeties we got this week, we might look to bring in a younger project to develop.
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    Good stuff.
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    Good stuff Roshi.
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    Thanks for the post. Is anyone else excited about Stephen Jones? The heir apparent to the Dallas Dynasty seems to know a lot about the workings of his team and football in general.
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    Anybody want to tackle this?
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    so basically InmanRoshi... do you write out the scripts for the press conferences and radio shows, and hand them to Parcells and the media to read verbatim?...

    hahah, how do you get this shiznit word for word?

    good job, thanks again
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    I get more impressed with Stephen Jones all the time. Guy really knows what he is doing. Thanks IMR
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    I listened to this interview. InmanRoshi, your ability to accurately and completely summarize is unmatched! :bow: :bravo: :thumbup:
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    He could be a real good one. He has the business sense lineage, and on the football side of things he has been able to observe all the mistakes his father made since taking over the team.
    I haven't heard him speak a great deal but I am betting he is smart enough to learn from Dad's mistakes.
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    Thanks for the post, Roshi, many thanks.
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    No proven vet at RT? Verba? Gragg? All more proven than what we have. :rolleyes:
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    Thanks Roshi.....very interesting.
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    not sure about verba but Gragg signed with the Jets.
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    Verba isn't a RT and also wants starter money
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    Interesting comment about the "heir apparent." While there are some examples of offspring taking over the franchise from their deceased father, Pittsburgh comes to mind, don't most offspring have to sell the team to pay off the inheritance taxes?
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    There are ways around the inheritance taxes and I'm sure the Jones can find them if anyone can. Plus the Jones fortune goes way beyond the football team. They still have a great many oil interest which I would think would be at a premium right now. I have the feeling that Stephen and JJ Jr. will be running this team for many years after Jerry is out of the picture.

    I actually think that Stephen will make a much better owner than his father. I have heard him speak several times and he comes off as having a very good head on his shoulders. He may not be as colorful as Jerry but I think he is smarter.
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    Gragg signed with the Jets...Verba wants 50 million dollars

    like he proven vet


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