Twitter: Stephen Jones on The Fan - 09/16/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 16, 2013.

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    you do realize NO one but your fellow romo haters pays any attention to what you post, right?
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    You know, even though I thought the screen was just a dumb call - as dumb as I've ever seen given 88 was ready to catch a TD pass and our history of running screens - Garrett has a good, simple point: calls that succeed always look good and calls that fail are going to always look bad at some level just because they didn't work. Unfortunately for Jason, that red zone series seems to be symbolic of the problems the Cowboys have been having in recent years, all wrapped up in this one nice, neat little package. (Preceding "the call", there was a sack and a false start, enhancing the impact of the 3-yard loss.)
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    A less aggressive corner? That's assinnine....
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    easy Mrs. Romo.
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    Well, he said they really liked Mo's body control and how well he played both receivers and the ball. The comment re: his aggressiveness related to that specific play.
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    here we go again...."we have to get better"...but has no clue how to get it done. More secret sauce is the answer!!
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    Give stevie a break. I think it's refreshing for a semi-owner to say what is on his mind.
    When so many coaches, players and executives are giving us mindless quotes: "we just half to do better" . . . "He's a competitor" . . . "We just half to put it all together" . . . "If we play four quarters we can win" . . . "He's hurt but is working hard" . . . ."If we stick to the game plan" . . . .
    and we hang on to ever word of these say-nothing fellows.

    Keep 'em coming, little Stevie. Say what is on yo mind.:D
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    Truth x1000

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