Stephen Jones: Safety is #1 Priority on Defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Feb 22, 2013.

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    17 years and counting....beg for mercy from the football Gods all you want.....nothing will change in Dallas....Jerry has sucked all the life blood out of this franchise and then spit it in our faces....smells like booze.
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    If someone tallied the amount of resources the Cowboys have applied to each unit of the team over the course of the last 15 years, I would dare say the OL would probably be at the top of the list given that they've spent a Top 10 draft pick (T. Smith), numerous 2nd round draft picks (Gurode, Solomon Page, Flozell, Rogers), and given out gigantic contracts with tons of guaranteed money both inside and outside the organization to veterans in free agency (Bigg, Gurode, Flozell, Colombo, Stepnoski The Return). You can claim that they didn't do it wisely enough or misevaluated, but to claim that the unit has been ignored is utterly laughable. If there is really one thing they need to be criticized for, it's that they just started to do what Championship caliber teams have typically done and that's draft people in the mid-rounds and develop/churn them in house, and instead depended on veterans with big names long past their expiration dates.

    Meanwhile, if you want to talk about a position that has been woefully under allocated resources the last 10 years or so, let's talk about safety. How many Abe Elams, Marcus Colemans, Tony Dixons, Willie Pyles, Lynn Scotts, Pat Watkins, Eric Framptons, Ken Hamlins have we had start for us at safety who weren't even in the NFL 12-24 months later? And yeah, given that proliferation of option reads coming into the NFL (including 2 inside our division), having a great free safety who can play single high is given that dropping a strong safety into the box is really the best way to counter the inherent "7 defenders accounting for 8" numbers problem the option read creates.
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    Good post IR.

    I just don't like the talent at safety this year vs. the talent at OL and DL.
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    Vacarro talks too much. he was always jabbering after and prior to games. And like most UT mens (Vince Young, Ricky Williams, Roy Williams, Benson, etc.) he will probabily be a eventual bust or headache. Nothing good ever come from playing at UT.
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    Good post, yeah I find it laughable when some criticized Steven for making this statement when really its a statement that should've been made a long time ago. Yet we have some who just want to find something to complain about whenever something is said that doesn't support their agenda.

    In another thread, it was said that our offensive efficiency is so much higher than defense, and the biggest problem is really our defensive efficiency especially in the passing game. We just have to give the CBs we have invested money into some support and right now they have none which just has to change for this team to be successful.

    I do wish some would see all the problems of this team, and not try to eliminate some of them to support their own very narrow viewpoint, but I'm really giving up hope for that to ever happen.
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    If Floyd, Richardson and the two guards are all gone I wouldn't be surprised to see safety at 18
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    We need a playmaking Safety moving into this Kiffen's scheme, it's a huge liability right now kind of like our O-Line.

    Our front seven is one of the best in football when healthy.

    Get a clue.
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    Protecting your franchise QB is priority numero uno, even before a playmaking safety.

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