Stephen Jones suggests new work rules may have contributed to Cowboys injury woes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2014.

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    There is very little of what he said that others, including Bill Polian, have not said the last few years since the CBA has started to have its effect.
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    Yes injuries were a problem, but they were for the rest of the league as well. I just don't see other teams using them as an excuse for losing.

    There are teams that loose their starting QBs for the majority of the season and still made the playoffs (seen Green Bay).

    I know that sounds like a miracle around these parts, but teams actually find ways to win games when they are hit by injuries. There are also coaches that are fired for not making the playoffs when they lost their starting QB for the season (see Tennessee Titans).
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    I call BS. An ACL tear has little to do with strength training. It's all about the way your joint is hit in a collision. Hell, more strength training can make matters worse if your biomechanics are flawed. Then you got the issue of PEDs like steroids, where muscle gains are not complemented with strengthened joints, which cause issues.

    You have to look at athletes individually. Ware, I remember, started doing ballet or yoga in one off-season. That didn't help, and I wasn't surprised considering nobody told him he had a clear case of upper crossed syndrome. The guy use to play his heart out and had incredible work ethic.
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    Uh... OK.

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    Well when have they ever been burned so badly by good players? I remember Deion having turf and missing time but you knew he was gonna be back on the field when he could be, how do you forsee Rat just outright sandbaggin and Austin pulling up with a hammie for 2 years? I think they gave out some contracts out of desperation because they hadn't drafted quality players to replace em but the player nowadays is hitting the lottery and getting complacent more often and earlier than in the past. Jimmy Johnson said no 300 pound man wants to run allot but nowadays that 300 pound man has 14 million dollars in the bank. You can say they had an epiphany I guess but your implying they were dumb and everyone else already knew but I think they've been made to look dumber than they were. They say Landry had a knack for getting rid of a player at the right time but he never did it without a good replacement and he had plenty back then.
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    This is a case that the teams have to pay the price, not the players. Can't believe these clowns are saying they need to practice more while proposing two more games I. A season and flying them half way across the globe in a different time-zone to play. They need to start employing competent people well-versed in the latest trends. The NBA is going analytical to judge talent and organizations are spending money. The NFL should as well.
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    You could say Landry was the father of analytics the way he used "computers" to scout and evaluate players. He really was ahead of his time.
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    Agreed! If we hit on some more picks we'll reap the benefits of it like Seattle. Those guys nailed it outside of the first round.
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    You're right. You've got some committee(s) promoting this. My guess is they will attempt to get a small concession from the PA. I'd sell it as a win-win to help stop injuries to the players and that's exactly what it is. Of course the coaches would get some more time but that's a side issue.
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    I worship no man but if you judge a person on their career then Woicik has seen much success in his field. He is a trainer not a voodoo doctor, his job will be to come up with ways to get these guys in shape and help avoid injuries as best as possiable in a sport where injuries happen regardless of the trainer. I think there are things such as hamstring injuries that maybe they can come up with a better way of preventing given the rash of hamstring we suffered I would think they are taking a closer look.Some other injuries knees, torn muscles there is only so much anyone can do the knee was not built to move in all direction
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    I understand for some no matter what Dallas does it is just wrong. lol
  12. Doomsday101

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    Things change but the human body hasn't. I think they need to press player more about doing the right things to get ready for a season and given the fact of the CBA with players spending less time working out it becomes even more critical to make sure even players are doing the right things.
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    well, everytime Matt Johnson moves or takes a deep breath, he gets listed on the injury report for his hammy again. :)
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    Exactly.....All you have to see is when the NFL Network shows when the Cowboys warming up(during training camp) and how they are warming up. They are not getting full stretches in. Instead of standing up and touching their toes....players just hang their bodies. there is no attempt to stretch!!!!!! This notion of letting gravity do the work is non sense. As long as the Cowboys are passive about workouts/contact- they are gonna continue to have issues.
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