Video: Stephen Jones: Will Jaylon Play? Zeke Update

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    No, I do not. Jerry was going to do the exact same thing but instead of sharing revenue with the rest of the league, just keep it. It's no shock that the NFL went forward with it because Jerry is not stupid. It was a good idea but originally, it was never going to be a revenue shared thing. Same with the Cowboy Stores.

    The question of how much money Jerry walked away with is irrelevant. The question is how much more he could have put in his pockets.

    I guess we can chase this dog in circles all day but doesn't really make a lot of sense. I don't agree with you and you don't agree with me.

    I don't believe Jerry will fight the league if suspensions come. JMO
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    I think he will fight the league depending on the punishment. If it's a game, I suspect he goes quietly. If it's like 4 games or more, I think he'll put up a fight or at least make it seem like he's going to fight the league. It's certainly possible he may do nothing, but I think dismissing the notion that he'll just take it on the rump is misguided.
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    Well now with the 6 games, and his guarantees voided, I'm reading he has to repay 240,000 a game. Times 6 that's over a million bucks, and now he has no guarantees potentially losing even more. It is worth it for him.
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