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    Inside the NFL Draft

    By Damian Foley
    While most LSU fans were hung over and celebrating the success of the Tigers’ 21-14 national championship win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2004 Sugar Bowl, one key member of the team was made conspicuous by his absence.

    Stephen Peterman, LSU’s 6-5 All-American lineman from Waveland, Miss., was packing up his belongings and moving to Mandeville with his wife, Colleen, and four-month-old son, Stephen Jr.

    “We played Sunday, and I took off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,” Peterman said. “On Monday and Tuesday my wife and I moved to Mandeville.”

    Mandeville has become home base for the former tight end as he prepares for the upcoming NFL Draft, and has served as a convenient launching point with the Senior Bowl being held in Mobile, Ala., and Pro Day in Baton Rouge.

    The proximity to Mobile and Baton Rouge was key, as less than three weeks after moving in to his new home, Peterman found himself in Alabama working out before pro scouts at the first of the NFL’s two versions of the ‘home shopping network,’ the annual Senior Bowl.

    “I played the Senior Bowl, then took two days off and worked out,” said Peterman, who along with LSU teammates Devery Henderson, Chad Lavalais, Rodney Reed, and Donnie Jones represented the victorious Southern team. “I started running more, getting ready for the combine.”

    The combine, held on February 21 this year, is the annual meeting of scouting minds in the NFL, where players are measured, weighed, poked, prodded, and tested on everything from their vertical leap to their ability to answer a questionnaire on a variety of topics. For some players, a good performance at the combine can greatly improve their draft status, provided they are willing to turn themselves into workout freaks and sprint demons.

    “At the combine I did everything they asked me to, then I came back to Baton Rouge, where me and Rodney Reed worked out together,” said Peterman. “I’ve been snapping the ball to (LSU quarterback) Matt Mauck to get him ready for Pro Day.

    “At the combine I talked to all of the O-line coaches from the NFL, and they all said it would help if I did some work at center, because most guards in the NFL can also play center.”

    Do not be fooled by the constant work Peterman has been putting in since the Sugar Bowl though, as the new father has found plenty of time to quietly relax away from the weight room.

    Well, some time to relax, anyway.

    “Me and Rodney went fishing in South Louisiana (this past weekend), but [Monday] we will be back working out,” said Peterman. “Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll sit back and get some treatment on my legs, and get ready for Pro Day.”

    Pro Day gives the NFL Draft hopefuls a chance to perform for scouts and team representatives on their home turf, providing athletes a chance to atone for poor combine performances, or improve on otherwise stellar ones. For the newly-departed members of the Tiger national championship team, their first chance to shine at home comes tomorrow, when representatives from all 32 NFL teams will be on campus to put players like Peterman through the wringer.

    Failing that, there is always a second Pro Day next week.

    “I’ve been running the 40, running the 15-yard shuttle, and trying to get my times as low as possible over at the indoor facility,” Peterman said. “We will do a lot of O-line work on Thursday, and if I do good on all of the drills then I probably won’t do as many drills at the next pro day next week.”
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    Peterman Survives Pro Day, Readies For White House

    By Damian Foley
    Part II in an ongoing series following LSU offensive lineman Stephen Peterman as he prepares for the NFL Draft on April 24.

    For an athlete preparing to get drafted, the work never ends.

    Scouts, combines, tests, drills, more tests, more scouts, more drills, and more tests.

    And just when you think you have seen it all, along comes Pro Day.

    Scouts and representatives from all 32 NFL teams descended upon LSU’s campus last Thursday to poke and prod potential Tiger draft picks, in the first of two Pro Days to be held in Baton Rouge.

    For offensive lineman Stephen Peterman, Pro Day was merely one more step on the road to the NFL Draft, and one more chance to show the scouts and team representatives that his name deserves to be among those called on April 24.

    “Lately I’ve been preparing for the tests we have to take,” Peterman said. “I’ve been running the 40, shuttle runs, the ‘L’ drill, vertical jump, long jump; I’ve been working on the o-line drills.

    “Pro day started at 11:30 a.m. and we went through all the drills. I ran the 40 twice, and did the ‘L’ drill and the shuttle once. I worked with the scouts on o-line drills. There was a representative from pretty much every team there watching. I feel I did really well. I had a good workout.”

    One thing that scouts look for is an athlete’s willingness to experiment with different positions, and linemen are no different. After playing tight end in high school, and both defensive end and offensive guard in college, Peterman has been experimenting with playing center over the last month, at the advice of several NFL scouts.

    Those scouts, though, appeared to have changed their minds by the time Pro Day rolled around.

    “None of the scouts asked me to snap to Matt (Mauck), but they know I’ve been doing it and they know I’m willing to do it,” Peterman said.

    Perhaps the scouts were just too enamored with Peterman’s workout times – between the combine and Pro Day, Peterman has shaved almost two tenths of a second off his 40-yard dash time.

    “My 40 is 5.25, some scouts have me at 5.31,” Peterman said. “At the combine it was between 5.39 and 5.41. My vertical is 24-5.

    “I might not do any drills next week (at Pro Day II); I might just meet with the coaches. I feel my times are as good as I’m going to get them.”
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    Mr. Peterman goes to Washington

    By Damian Foley
    One declared war on terror, defeated an Iraqi dictator, and divided a nation over whether or not the war was justified.

    The other declared war on opposing linemen, defeated the Oklahoma Sooners, and divided a nation over whether or not the LSU Tigers were national champions.

    U.S. President George W. Bush and former LSU offensive lineman Stephen F. Peterman met for the first time at the White House last week, two (mostly) wildly divergent paths crossing under the banner of LSU’s national championship win over the Sooners.

    “President Bush came and said hello, took a picture with the team, and shook hands,” said Peterman, himself a staunch Republican. “He signed a picture of my son that my wife had given me, too. He was outgoing, very professional, he shook hands with me and told me I had a wonderful looking son, and I wished him good luck in the election. He was very courteous.”

    “We went outside, he gave a good speech, commended us on both our performance on the field, and the way we touched the community off it. I was honored to be there.”

    The Tigers were in Washington, D.C., as part of the ‘Champions Day’ celebrations, where they were joined by the North Carolina women’s soccer team, the Indiana men’s soccer team, and the USC Trojan football and volleyball teams.

    The meeting was the first time the Tigers and Trojans had been face-to-face since being named co-national champions in January, and despite President Bush’s offer to settle the championship dispute on the front lawn, the only contact between the teams was a short conversation between head coaches Nick Saban and Pete Carroll. Peterman – in suitably diplomatic fashion – dismissed the President’s offer, saying both teams knew who the real No. 1 was.

    “In my heart I know we’re No. 1, in their heart they know they’re No. 1,” Peterman said. “It’s like Chad (Lavalais) said though: if you win the lottery, but you have to split it, you’re still happy that you won the lottery. We have the ADT Trophy though; the crystal ball is in Baton Rouge.”

    The trip was Peterman’s first to the nation’s capital, and despite spending four years playing in front of rabid packed houses all across the football-mad SEC, he was still blown away by the spectacle of it all.

    “The White House was unbelievable,” Peterman said. “It was very big. I’d seen it so many times on TV. It was what I’d pictured. I’d seen it on the news, but to walk through the front doors, and out onto the front lawn, was just unbelievable.”

    For the father of a young son, the word ‘unbelievable’ has a newfound significance. What was ‘unbelievable’ a year ago is now blasé, and what was once a bulge in wife Colleen’s stomach is now a talking, yet time consuming, bundle of joy.

    “Every day he does something new,” said Peterman of his young son, Stephen Jr. “He’s starting to say “Dada.” I feel very blessed to have him in my life. I put him first before everyone. He’s definitely strong though, the other day he held up a wooden baseball bat that I had been carrying around.

    “In a few years I’ll be starting him on squats and protein shakes,” Peterman laughed.

    The new addition to the household does mean extra responsibility and less spare time, but as Peterman readily testifies, it is a sacrifice well worth making.

    “I just have to put it all in perspective; I have to split my time up evenly between workouts, my family, and my friends,” he said. “Right now I’m anxious more than anything, in less than a month I’ll be packing up and moving somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m anxious, but proud.”
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    Peterman’s best friend going into “D-Day”

    By Damian Foley
    For former LSU guard Stephen Peterman, “D-Day” cannot come soon enough.

    After close to 20 years playing football, it has come down to this: in 10 days, LSU senior Stephen Peterman will become NFL rookie Stephen Peterman.

    A high school career that saw him named First-Team All-State, and take part in the Mississippi All-Star game, is over.

    A college career that saw him named First-Team All-America, and First-Team All-SEC, is over.

    All that awaits him now is a phone call, either from his agent or directly from an NFL team, telling him where his new home will be.

    “I talk to my agent a couple of times a day,” Peterman said. “I’ve known him for a while. He’s been negotiating contracts, doing everything that we need to get done.”

    The list of things to be done appears to grow exponentially the closer it gets to draft day. As NFL teams prepare for their annual shopping spree, Peterman and his agent, fellow Mississippian Stephen R. Colson, are kept busy making sure they are both doing everything they can to get Peterman drafted as high as possible.

    That involves a lot of phone calls, and a lot of time working out under the watchful eye of team representatives.

    “Pro Day went good,” said Peterman of his second effort at LSU’s annual workout for NFL scouts. “I only worked on my vertical and broad jumps again. I improved both of them though – I have a 27.5 inch vertical, and an 8-foot-2-inch broad jump.”

    While Peterman is on the field breaking a sweat for the scouts, Colson is usually manning the phones ensuring teams have as much information as they can on his protégé. When draft day finally arrives, it will be Colson’s turn to break a sweat, while Peterman plans to spend the weekend as far from any TV cameras as possible.

    “Teams will either be calling me or him,” Peterman said. “He’s making sure the teams have my draft day info right. They want to know where I will be, what number they can reach me at, and what airport will be closest to where I will be.

    “I’m going to be here in Mandeville with my wife and family, I didn’t want to have too many people around. After I get picked, I’m going to just drive up to Waveland with my family, it will be low-key.”

    As for the identity of the teams who have been inquiring about Peterman, the 6-5 guard says that is a secret being kept better than the true identity of the Watergate informant.

    “My agent doesn’t really tell me that stuff, what teams are saying, he just keeps me working hard,” said Peterman. “He doesn’t want me to put all of my eggs into one basket.

    “I like the way he’s doing it. He doesn’t want me sitting there on draft day sure I’m going to go to a certain team, and then have them pick another guard instead of me. I think it’s better not knowing, hopefully on the day I’ll go to a team that wants me.”
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    The NFL Draft: Anything But A Sure Thing

    For former LSU offensive lineman Stephen Peterman, the final step on the ladder to success is by far the biggest.

    In three days, the First-Team All-American hopes to hear his name read out among the list of more than 200 college players who will be fulfilling a dream they have had since childhood.

    In three days, the world Stephen, his wife Colleen and son Stephen Jr. know will be turned upside down.

    In three days, Stephen Peterman will find out which NFL team will be signing his paychecks for the next five years.

    “[Colleen]’s been real supportive, although she said she’s never been in the cold before,” Peterman said. “I told her not to worry. I’ll have enough money to buy her warm clothes. But she’s been great, she just wants me to go somewhere I’m wanted.”

    Finding a team that wants him is not proving to be a difficult task for Peterman and his agent, Stephen R. Colson. As draft day approaches, their respective phones have been ringing constantly as NFL teams check where the 6-5 guard will be on draft day, in order to jet him off to camp as soon as possible.

    “I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from teams getting my draft day numbers down, making sure they have all of my information,” Peterman said. “I talk to my agent every day, he tells me not to worry about it. A big factor right now he says is free agency. Teams will go out and pick up an O-Lineman through free agency, so they might not need me, but the team that just lost someone will. Hopefully the team that calls me on draft day wants to have me.”

    Knowing a major move, with a new family in tow, is just around the corner - but not knowing where the destination will be - is something that has Peterman admittedly nervous as the last days before the NFL Draft tick away.

    “I’ve been sitting here waiting, nerves are a big thing,” Peterman said. “I don’t know where I’ll be going, or what I will have to adapt to.

    “I’ll move as soon as the team needs me to move, as soon as possible. I’ll talk to them after the draft, find out what date camp is, and when they want me there, and then I’ll go.”

    In the meantime, Peterman is back working on the same drills line coach Stacey Searels had him working on at LSU, keeping himself in shape so that he is ready for work with his future employer. The four years spent representing the Tigers in the Southeastern Conference, Peterman said, have him well prepared for the NFL - even if he is the first to admit he does not fully know what to expect from life as a professional athlete.

    “Playing in the SEC, that’s the best conference in college football, and the NFL is that plus a step again,” said Peterman. “It’s like the difference from high school to college, but amplified a lot more.

    “I don’t know what a sure thing is, I wish I had it figured out. I’ve done all I can do; I went to the Senior Bowl and the combine. All it takes is for a team to want you. I don’t know what a sure thing is.”

    Next Week: Peterman’s New Home
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    I saw a lot of LSU games last season and though it is hard to concentrate on a lineman when watching the game on TV it was easy to see some all around great blocking both run and pass for LSU and Peterman was the anchor of that line. I feel Dallas got a very good player in Peterman as well as Rogers

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