Steroid Hearings.......McGuire takes the 5th

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ROMOSAPIEN9, Mar 17, 2005.


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    Just got finished listening to / watching the 2 hours of the steroid hearings. When they had the panel of players in there.

    All the players said that they NEVER took steroids. Except for Canseco obviously, and Mark McGuire.

    McGuire literally took the 5th.

    What a blackeye to baseball, and now McGuire.

    I can't wait to see when the commishioner is called. I'm absolutely rivoted to this.

    Anyone else see/hear any of this?
  2. trickblue

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    I guess that is better than the likes of Sosa blatantly lying...
  3. TruBlueCowboy

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    Sosa doesn't take steroids to up his homerun totals, he corks the bat instead. ;)
  4. trickblue

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    That too... :D

    Funny thing about Sosa... when he left the Rangers he was 180... and a medium frame guy...

    Now he is what... 230-240? just ain't no way...
  5. k19

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    I watched about an hour and a half or so when I came home for lunch.

    What a friggin joke and discrace this whole thing is. Loopholes in testing (1 hour free time to fill the cup), suspensions that are basically nothing (10 DAYS not games for a first offense, heck even 10 games is about 1/16 of the season. NFL you miss 1/4), writing procedures for test that dont exist ( a urine test for Human growth hormone)

    They were also saying the "contract" they are working off of is drug specific, which means if the drug is altered then its a legal substance because its not specifically called out. Thats why so many are saying "I never took a banned or illegal substance" try asking if they've ever taken ANY form of steroids and see what the answer is.

    If Big Mac pleads the fifth then you know whats on with the others. I dont feel nearly as sorry for Mac as i do for the Maris family who defended hin publicly, what a shame.

    As far as the * in the books thing goes I think thats a waste of time, basically acknowledging they cheated but atill posting their numbers for all to see. I say wipe them off the books as if they never existed in the league.

    A disgrace to the sport, all of it. Baseballs in trouble and the home run chase filled seats. better for them to half arse policy and still turn the other cheek to offenders. Either get serious about it or call it quits.

  6. HipHop

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    Its possible . . .

    Maybe he got married . . .

    My wife packed on 60lb in a few years after we were married . . . ;)

    J/ don't mess around with fatties.
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Yeah, he was a skinny fella. I still remember Sammy Sosa's first game. He got a hit at his first at bat and then was thrown out stealing second. :D
  8. trickblue

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    Yep... he looked like Chico Escuela out there... :D
  9. AceofSpades

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    McGuire had the same response for every question - "I am not here to talk about the past. I just want to be positive." Meaning - "I did steroids, but I don't have to admit it."
  10. Crown Royal

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    Seriously - I was shocked. I felt that Palmeiro was the most articulate and intelligent player there. He was able to speak extemporaneously, he made sense....and said all the right things.

    Everyone else.....embarrassing.
  11. Cbz40

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    This is nothing but a stupid waste of money...........They will not find out doodly.

    Baseball needs to get it's act together moocho quick.
  12. CoCo1

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    I have always thought McGwire to be an honorable guy. But I am a bit puzzled as to how to reconcile all this for him.

    He has consistently and vehemently denied using steroids. Now that he is under oath, on advice of legal counsel, he takes the fifth. Are there legitimate reasons why someone would take the 5th even if they are innocent? I don't know.

    Yet he still responds in part to the question under oath with "consider the source." So even as he appears guilty because he takes the 5th he makes a backdoor plea of innocence with his "consider the source" comment.

    Remember the hub-bub when they found Andro in his locker? I recall Mac being pretty indifferent about it. He certainly didn't hide the fact that he used it. But he also stopped using it - or at least said he stopped. Baseball I think subsequently banned it.

    I don't think McGwire is a total fraud from a character standpoint. If he is lying I would bet that is really killing him. I just can't reconcile it all.
  13. Avery

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    Baseball is worthless. The Yankees write checks that small market teams can't pay. No one goes to games anymore since the strike. Their athletes obviously take steroids but can't admit it.

    It's a game that has lost its luster; makes you wonder if it'll ever regain it.

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    That's 100% false.

    They have been drawing record attendances since the '94 strike. And unfortunately it's because of steroids. That's why the league had turned a blind eye to it, and it's all coming to a head now.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Just for the record...McGwire NEVER claimed the 5th.

    He routinely dodged the questions...even when one of the people said are you claiming the fifth he did not answer yes or no he just talked around it.

    Once again he did NOT claim the 5th even though he refused to answer the questions with a yes or no.

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