Sticking it Back to Apple

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I'm not a fan of Apple's prices and their customer service, but I like their laptops and OS. They do everything I want them to do.

    I'm also of the mind that customers have to be savvy.

    By no means, men, is this a true story. What you are about to read below is fiction. But your [fictional] advice is appreciated.

    So back in May of 2011 I dropped my computer. All parts were in tact other than the side and the piece that bent my logic board (aka Apple's overpriced mother board).

    They quoted me over $800 for a new logic board. I reluctantly agreed.

    They somehow got the wrong address and by the time they got it to my doorstep, it was a month later than when I shipped it off.

    It didn't cost me anything, 'cept money from not having a computer. Theoretically, this could be an arbitrary amount of money but we'll get back to that. Yet I still had to strong-arm them into not charging me anything at all--after a month. 'Twas a month because Fed Ex kept shipping it to my neighbors address and that was absolutely not my address.


    Of course, I'd never think about giving them the wrong address or one to my neighbors..... Yet I argued to the customer relations rep that they were in charge of how quickly it was shipped because, after all, it's their courier.

    *Fast Forward to now*

    I woke up and my computer wouldn't turn on. The logic board was the Apple Reps best guess down at the Apple store. "What?", I ask. Another 800 buckaroos?

    *Holds Breath*

    The rep says, "That'll be two-hundred and eighty dollars."


    But still, money is tight and I don't want to pay again to have them ship it. Plus, it's $280 bucks I could use for something else. So now, after I talked to them in circles for 2 hours before closing time, keeping them past their hours (when they all want to go home), I ramble on for hours about so many reasons why having to pay wasn't the right option for me as a customer.

    This rep was good; it took him 2 hours to finally bow out and get a manager.

    So now, they're offering to pay a mysterious amount of money... I'm hoping all, but the rep and I haven't discussed how much.

    I'm just supposed to take it to get fixed at a mac service provider, which is fine with me.

    They say if it doesn't have water damage, which it doesn't to my knowledge, then they'll agree to less than $280..I'm hoping $0, obviously.

    So, to the crux of this story. What would your advice be at this point, given this fictional account of events?
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    I would say that next time you should be a little more careful and not drop your computer and not give them an improper address on purpose. I am not saying the customer service is without blame but it sounds like you are partially responsible as well.
  3. Jenky

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    Get Applecare :D

    Is this a Macbook air or something? If I dropped my Macbook pro, I don't think the aluminum would bend inwards, causing damage to any of the parts.

    But if it's something as fragile as a Macbook air, I would have definitely considered Applecare.
  4. CowboyMcCoy

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    I should have gotten Applecare. I did not. However, I have bought 3 macbooks in 4 years....

    I just found out, an hour ago, that the CS manager agreed to cover the cost. Here, we have a win-win situation. I'll probably buy another mac in the future, as well as Applecare.

    Apple +1
    CowboyMcCoy +1

    Everybody wins here.

    Hey, to my defense, I dropped it chasing my Jack Russell into the road and kept his fuzzy butt from getting ran over by a truck. :)

    Shame on me for pulling the logistics trick.

    Some will understand why I took this approach. Some won't.

    For overly-savvy consumers, I think this bodes well for Apple.

    They're covering the cost. I, in return, stay a loyal customer.
  5. the kid 05

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    buy a dell laptop and throw osx on it.
  6. CowboyMcCoy

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    I probably would have. They asked me who I thought had better customer service. I said, "Dell". The only problem is the machine had a soda spill on it, which I did not know about honestly. It turns out that costs $800. But it also turns out that Apple is going to give me a once in a life time free of charge repair for $800 worth of work.

    +2 for Apple. That's indeed better than Dell.
  7. trickblue

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    I have a Macbook and a Macbook Pro... Macbook is over 4 years old and still going strong... Pro is 1.5 years old and running great...

    I am on my fifth Dell in four years... all because of quality issues...

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