Still My Thoughts on the Defense and Offense.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rwalters31, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Yes, the Cowboys played some 4-3 last year, but not like the Tampa 4-3. I keep looking over the existing roster and I see a lot of square pegs that the new DC will try to put into round holes. Ware is beaten and battered and injured, not someone to depend on as a DE on the QB's blind side. Ratliff is also injured and battered and does not look like a Tampa 2 tackle and not a fast DE for passing plays (would do alright in running plays). The OL is a must and although I am usually a defense wins super bowls guy, this OL replacement with real good lineman is number one for the draft selection. I saw the following selection in a mock draft and it is a good pick. Followed by two more.:)

    18. Dallas Cowboys: Chance Warmack, G/C, Alabama
    Though you won’t read this many places, Tony Romo had his best year as a pro in 2012. He did so playing behind a terrible offensive line. Doug Free hasn’t been the player the Cowboys thought he’d be when they rewarded him with a big contract and Tyron Smith seemed to be called for a false start on every other play from scrimmage this season. Injuries stung, but there needs to be more good, young linemen protecting Romo. Warmack can play guard or center and he can play them in the big leagues right now. Not as sexy as some of Jerry’s usual picks, but a solid one. :bow:

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