Straight defensive 4round mock!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy_Ace, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Cowboy_Ace

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    First off mine as most mocks are hypothetical, nd just for fun... I know my picks may not be there but it's just for fun :) enjoy.

    1. Sharrif floyd dt uf

    2. Datone jones de ucla

    3. Arthur brown olb k-state

    4. Dj swearinger safety south carolina

    Comment nd enjoy .... Go cowboys!!
  2. supercowboy8

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    I like all the picks, but I think you can get better value if you switch the 3rd and 4th rounds position. Say Cyprien in the 3rd and Hodges or Moore in the 4th
  3. Cowboy_Ace

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    Honestly I love cyprein nd would like hodges so that works for me.. I'm lovin all the possibilities this year.
  4. Macnalty

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    I believe Arthur Brown(perfect for this 4-3 and very quick) goes in the second rd, very good player who is kinda of under the radar on the dallas chat circuit but lighting it up on other NFL teams blogs. Like all the picks and have to add my pet cat Chris Faulk ACL injury fall LSU Tackle in somewhere as he will be good once rehabilitated.

    S Floyd or S Richardson(not probably available at 18)
    Arthur Brown or Tank Carradine
    Cyprien or Tony Jefferson
    Swearinger or Rambo
  5. xwalker

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    I like the players, but I would be very unhappy with Zero OL in the top 4 picks.
  6. Cowboy_Ace

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    I would too tbh, but I think jerry nd crew go oline, in free agency nd add one oline in first four picks, nd wouldn't bother me too bad if it went, dt, ol, s/de, s/de.... But thanks for the comments. I plan on doing a much longer nd crazier mock offseason later. Hope y'all enjoy.
  7. unionjack8

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    straigt up that is as good as you can get if we want to go all D.
    The players all fit this new scheme, they are all mocked in pretty good areas by you.
    That would be a BINGO drfat for this team(although i'd like one OL in there. maybe a small trade back in round one to pick up an extra 3rd could fit someone like frederick in there too.
    Nice job
  8. Cowboy_Ace

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    Thanks union, that means alot. Y'all have been so welcoming on this board. I agree nd believe we will pick up one oline in the first four... Nd hope the we get dt, s, de, moreso in that order... Tho safety there some mid round guys I like... But eventually we gotta get a quality safety since pre biscuit roy williams...
  9. Future

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    Other than Floyd, none of those guys are going to be there when we pick imo.
  10. Cowboy_Ace

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    Yes, I know they MAY not nd I said as much in the opening :) noone knows in feb tho... That's why it's for fun :) nd in no way is that what I think will happen. Fwiw imho floyd has just as much chance being taken before our pick as the rest.

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