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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Compacity, Mar 27, 2005.

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    you see I do my mock drafts off of the most value in a player not because he has a big time name or big time stock in the draft but the value//

    11th: Mike Williams WR USC
    -Need a big-time playmaker at Wide Receiver since Michael Irvin

    20th: Marcus Spears DE LSU
    -Need a Defensive End at this pick, or this might lead to a trade or a possibility of a offensivelineman drafted..

    42nd: Brandon Browner CB/S Oregon State

    -Can play conerback in situations and is versitile at the safety position, look for Cowboys to trade down with this pick to acquire more picks or if Marlin Jackson availible don't be suprise if he's drafted at this pick...

    109th: Johnathan Goodard LB Michigan State

    -Nice linebacker with Parcells type adequete size at 248 rounded off to 250 which Parcells likes. This players has value enough to compete with Bradie James for the starting linebacker job.

    148th: Darren Sproles RB Kansas State

    - Has good speed, could be a one-two punch with Julius Jones, and could help sometimes in the passing game.

    208th: Rob Petitti OT Pittsburgh

    - He did many things at pittsburgh like shut pro-bowler Dwight Freeney out for the whole game without any pressures or sacks.

    209th: Orrin Thompson DT Duke

    -Has nice size, knows how to penetrate in the line, could be a plug in some situations in 3-4.

    224th: Tyler King DE CONNECTICUT

    -Is a pure pass-rusher has speed and nice size... He stands at 6-5 270 pounds and runs a 4.6 in the forty yard dash which is excellent. But is underrated and very unknown to the draft public eye.

    Message:People it's a whole lot of people who get drafted that's not a big name by Dallas Cowboys but become a big name... Im not hung up on names like unrealistic fans are.
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    I love it if it falls that way...
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    Why the fokk is this in the wrong forum? :banghead:

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