Strange feeling about this draft boys fans...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by scrives, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Question? Why would we take a olb in the first round when we have a 2nd rounder that we are still trying to find out about? Plus we have a vet in that spot who was playing pretty well until he got hurt last year. I thing this is find out year for Burnette. You just don't give up on a second round pick that quick. Don't get me wrong. We will get a olb but it won't be first round.......!!!!!!

    As of today, if we stay put, the pick will be Justice or Holmes. I'm leaning towards Holmes like Goose said. Believe me, if you know Goose he not just whistling dixie... he know something!!!!!! I don't see ot either unless they are that crazy about Justice, but don't forget BP dosen't give up on his projects that easily.... Pettie will have a shot to bet out Fabini.

    In other words everyone in boysdom we have a solution or potential solution in every position but OG and Wr. If TO or Glenn goes down were done. Also, you can get a top guard in the second or third.

    So, for now I have to say Holmes....:confused:
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    you could say that about a lot of players. if flozell goes down again we may be done. if bledsoe goes down we may be done. etc. etc. etc. We really dont need a WR in the first, we have Patrick Crayton I dunno if you know who that is. We can grab a WR sometime later.
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    First, I wouldn't be shocked, or even upset, if we took Holmes. God knows we could use some more young talent at WR and after 2004, not much we do in the draft will surprise me.

    As for Goose's mock, I believe even he stated a few years back that his 1st mock and 2nd mock are usually DRASTICALLY different. So, I wouldn't put Holmes in that Cowboys uni yet. Its only 2 weeks away but, a LOT can happen in those 2 weeks. :starspin
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    Im not sure Burnett is nessecarily slated to play OLB.

    Singleton is not the answer. He was solid, but in a scheme built around the LB's, solid doesn't cut it.

    Main poiint, we need another OLB opposite DeMarcus Ware who can rush teh passer in order to really make this 34 thing work
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    By the way I would love to draft that guy on your sig.

    I think we all should take a step back from the computer in the final week leading up to the draft. A ton of us are locked in on certain players, and I'm afraid of the disappointment this board is going to endure if we came away with a trade out of the 1st round or a Marcus McNeill or something like that.

    So my suggestion would be to keep an opened mind.
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    I think Singleton makes the team this year (but not in 07) cause he's the only really experienced vet LB we have and Parcells value that experience. If we draft either Lawson or Wimbley in first round, I see us using either of them in their rookie years as situation pass rushers with Singleton coming in on running & short passing plays. Burnett would alternate with Singleton but might also be used inside. Also ILB Bradie James will be a FA after this season and, while I think we will resign him, we can't rule out that Burnett might end up there. We also don't know how successful Ayodele will be as a starting ILB. So, I don't think we giving up on Burnett but just making sure we've got enough young LBs to get the job done. I think our starting LB core for first game will be Ware/Ayodele/James/draft pick?&Singleton with backups of Thornton/Boiman/Burnett; I'd expect either Fowler or Shanle to be cut. One caveat: If we draft Carpenter, he & Singleton would alternate until Carpenter beats out Singleton. I think it more likely if we draft Carpenter Burnett eventually moves inside and both Shanle & Fowler are gone since we also have Boiman who can play inside and outside. It will also be interesting to see how/where Thornton plays.
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    I think they need to get younger, more physical and deeper at LB. I would like to see them trade down a few spots and grab Carpenter.

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