Strange stat about Romo's int's the last three seasons

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Oct 8, 2013.

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    This is ridiculous. Everything he did up to this point was golden, regardless of who was calling it. So now with 2 minutes and the game on the line you should change what's been working?
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    I was saying that he had to be near perfect to win this game.(Peyton)

    If Peyton threw the int. in the exact fashion Romo did, why wouldn't you blame him?

    I'm not bashing Romo, I'm not blaming Romo for the loss, but if he can't come through under pressure in game 5, how are you confident he can do it in late December and beyond that when the pressure really gets tight?

    What has he shown to give anyone that confidence?

    Cause when they tied the game at 48-48, I turned my tv off because I knew what was coming I didn't want to see it. That's the lack of confidence I had in him to come through.
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    He only attempted a pretty low total of 36 passes.
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    Romo had a 140.0 rating. And yes. I don't have the data to know how common it is, but I know Chad Pennington had a perfect QB rating in a game and lost. November 16, 2003 against the Colts. Lost 38-31 after going 11-14 for 219 Yds, 3 TDs and 0 INTs.
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    Well, yeah. Tony talks all the time about that point in the game where the game circumstances force you to do things and take risks you don't want to take. It stands to reason that, if you're on a drive where you have to come away with points, you're going to end up doing things you wouldn't do otherwise. And, if you're playing on teams that can't take the ball away or that don't play good pass defense, you're going to end up with a lot of drives where you have to score at the ends of games. Tony's QBR and his ratios make it clear the guy is exceptionally good in those situations, but if you're in them a lot, and end up throwing the game losing picks on your last possession even a reasonable fraction of the time, that's what people are going to remember. When the reality is, if the defense were capable of getting the stop or the turnover, you'd be otherwise running out the clock and not needing to take so many game-deciding risks.
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    Wish Romo's pick would have come earlier in the game. It's the timing of his that are so damaging.
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    or the perception of same is greater

    was his INT worse than Dez' fumble, probably not as both ended up in points for Denver, and if it were at a different point in the game, likely would have both ended up in 14 points for Denver. However, of course, perception is everything.
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    Romo's pick was far worse because Dez's fumble occurred earlier in the game and the Cowboys were able to overcome it and tie the game. Romo's pick enabled Denver to run down the clock and kick the game winner with no time remaining.
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    There is absolutely no logic to your post. No, it's not perception, it's reality. An interception that ends your last drive of the game is worse than a second quarter fumble. There is absolutely no way to logically argue against that. While both may have the same result for the opposing team, one happens with ample time for you to rectify. The other happens when you're in the midst of your last hope to win/tie a game.
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    I disagree. If they both end up in seven points against, they are equal. It was 17-14 when Dez fumbled, we go down and score, changes entire game but he gave up the ball, they go in and score and we are behind.
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    actually it gave them the ball in FG territory, the defence could have stopped them and didn't.

    A turnover is a turnover.
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    wonder if he got blamed for the loss? Would be interesting to research that game and see what happened. Only 14 attempts? Kind of easy to look good that way.
    Still doubt it has happened much though.

    Lots of QBs have thrown for 400+ yards and lost games= but to have such a high rating and lose one.
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    This very same stat, Win Probability Added, ranked Romo 4th and 5th in the NFL in 2011 and 2012.

    These rankings are based on all plays that affect win probability in any way, as opposed to just negatively.
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    Exactly Romo's turnover gave Denver the ball in FG range with only 1:57 left in the game and you don't consider that an "ill-timed" turnover? The Cowboys defense could have held them to no gain on 3 downs and it would have left Denver with a very makable 42 yard FG attempt. You're asking a lot from from any defense even a great defense to keep Denver from having a chip shot FG attempt in that situation. It amazes me how some of you can't seem to grasp what an ill-timed turnover is.

    Romo forced his defense to have to defend a short field with less than 2 minutes left against one of the most potent offenses the NFL has seen in years and you're blaming the defense in that situation? By the way the Cowboys defense did stop them they would have been better off allowing Denver to run the ball in for a TD to leave the Cowboys some time on the clock.
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    Defence did nothing all day and now get a free pass because of the INT. We wouldn't have been in that situation if not for Romo's play and the defence's non play all game.
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    The defense was terrible all day but the game was still tied with 2:39 seconds left to play. The game came down to Romo who had been brilliant for 58 minutes. At the most critical point in the game he made his worst throw of the day at the worst possible moment. The moment was too big for him and he folded. Even Garrett admitted Romo made a bad decision and should have thrown the ball to Murray. I've never seen a QB fold as consistently as Romo does in critical situations in spotlighted games. If a QB can't finish they'll never lead a team to a championship. These games are there for the taking with a Roger Staubach or a Troy Aikman but Romo simply can't handle the pressure.
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    And that is what is so frustrating about him. Romo has real talent. He can play with the best. I think he actually outplayed Manning for most of that game. But in the end, he folded. That's the way it always is with him. I know we wouldn't have been in that game without Romo and I understand others claiming that we wouldn't win half our games without him. But if he always folds at the worse times then what's the point? The Cowboys used to be about playoffs and Championships. Now it's about moral victories.
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    If this was Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford who threw the pick at the end of the game after throwing for 500 yards and 5 TD's I highly doubt they'd get the scrutiny that Romo got! It also might have to do with the fact that Romo plays for the Cowboys and the Falcons and Lions no one outside of those cities really cares about those teams?
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    Romo does have real talent and he did outplay Manning but in the end he folded. That's what most outside Cowboys Nation will remember about that game. It's a real shame because he is a very good QB but folding in pressure situations has been a consistent pattern with him ever since he became the QB in 06. All he'll ever be remembered for is his huge blunders. The signature play of his career was the fumbled snap in Seattle that started what has become a very troubling pattern of big mistakes that seem to follow him year after year. The Cowboys wouldn't win many games without Romo but they'll only get so far with him because he can't avoid the big mistake. The timing of some of his turnovers make them impossible to overcome. He just can't avoid making a bad decision when it's all on the line in a spotlighted game. Everytime he has an opportunity to change the negative perception many have of him he ends up reinforcing it with the most ill-timed turnover imaginable.

    As critical as I've been of Romo I don't think I've ever seen a QB play as well as he did for 58 minutes of that game on Sunday and to tarnish such a great performance by throwing the game away in the final 2 minutes with yet another huge turnover was heart breaking. It convinced me choking is in his DNA. I know some get offended by the word "choke" and are in denial about it with Romo but when you see a QB play at such an incredibly high level for almost an entire game then throw the worst pass they've thrown all day with the game on the line that's the truest definition of a CHOKE. Sunday was like watching a runner run the most perfect race then stumble right before the finish line. Someone should suggest to Romo that he see a sports psychologist maybe that would help him.
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    Really, you think he folded?

    On a play where his OL stepped on his foot while throwing, his other OL was getting pushed back into his throwing motion, and his rookie TE ran a sloppy route which allowed the LB to get between him and the ball, ... you say he folded?

    I might use the word "fold" while describing last years season ender with washington, .. but like I said in a post after the game, you can not say that about this game.

    You can pick other games, and you would probably be right and I would agree, but you can't use this game to find fault with Tony Romo.
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