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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Team, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I know im not an NFL analyst or anything but I was wondering what you guys think would be the best approach against washinton would be. heres what I got

    Offense. heres one I know some of you dont like but I think one key element will be ball control, run the ball more take time going up to the line of scrimmage, the the vikings had only 3 1/2 more minutes of possesion but I think thats what gave them that little advantage, and I rather spend more time against the redskins defense than spend more time with their offense

    Deffense. This time around they should focus a little more on the receivers than on the running game, because even if clinton does play hes still runnin with a sore shoulder, im thinkin run a litlle more nickel than 3-4, somthin like that, and maybe not blitz as much
  2. Cbz40

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    Attack, Attack, and the Attack again. On D & O.
  3. followthestar

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    i would personally like to see MORE blitzing, forcing quick throws and bottling up running lanes. make them play honest, and we should have no trouble. offensively, i'd like to see us eat up the clock and take an occasional shot downfield - which is what Bill will do anyway...
  4. DragonCowboy

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    Offense: Pass to set up the run. Their CB's seem to be weak, so we should take some shots early against them. When their safeties move back, we can run the ball more. Like cbz said, attack, attack, attack. Don't be surprised if Dallas comes out against Washington as it did against Philadelphia.

    Defense: We need to double cover Santana Moss. Lloyd didn't have a good game against Minnesota, and he really doesn't scare me much. If we can get Moss under wraps, we can start getting a little crazy with some blitzes and stuff. Double Moss, stuff the line.
  5. Tuna Helper

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    Well, I advocated pounding the rock with JJ and MBIII and limiting Bledsoe's passes down to 20 for the entire game, but most in the forum thought I was crazy. How else do you protect a QB that reportedly has an ailing back?

    I think TO will be double, or triple teamed, as the Redskins have a history of doing this to him in the past. With Glenn and Witten running pass patterns, and TO getting lots of attention, this can only open up the running game. If we can't run effectively in this scenario, then we don't deserve to win the ballgame.

    Parcells will go conservative in this one, and our best defense is to keep the Redskins offense on the sideline. A good running game will only help.

    The problem is that the Redskins will likely disquise their coverages, meaning that TO won't always be double-teamed. They could roll double coverage towards Glenn if Bledsoe begins locking in on him. That could lead to an INT if Bledsoe picks up where he left off last week.
  6. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Run Jones off tackle, on pitches and sweeps. Keep that defensive line moving and utilize the athleticism of your guards. Use the screen pass on passing downs and catch them blitzing with their pants down. Have a field day against that secondary going against our receivers.

    On defense. Stop the run and get your guys into third and long and bring some heat. Dont rely on man coverage too much especially if youre not going to blitz out of it so you can mix your coverages a bit.
  7. jrumann59

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    If springs is back I expect them to blitz often. if not I could see them doing a lot of cover 2. Skins fans if Carter cannot do anything against our tackles you guys better try and get your money back same goes for your second SS archuleta
  8. jrumann59

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    I would say we can't double moss a lot because Randle-el does scare me. Because of the offense they run Cooley doesn't scare me because he will get gobbled up at the LOS playing a TE role. The D has to expect Portis to be 100% even if he isn't and I know its mean but our heavy hitters have to target and test that shoulder of his.
  9. DragonCowboy

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    That'll be the key. If we do double Moss (which IMO is the only way to effectively stop him), can we stop Randle El?

    I forgot all about Cooley. I would've been worried about him, but frankly this new offensive system doesn't seem to fit him well.
  10. America's Team

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    hey, whatever gets the job done
  11. Kangaroo

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    The way to beat drew is easy you send guys up the middle and have them get their hands in his face. stack against the run and force Drew to threw alot he tends to make mistakes at curcial times.

    Prevent drew from stepping up in the pcoket force him to go left and right he will choke and threw an int
  12. jrumann59

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    Personally if T-New is the corner everyone thinks he is it is time for him to visit the island called Santana Moss, he may get beat for catch here or there but he has to keep him contained.
  13. America's Team

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    this is unfortunatly true:bang2:
  14. ravidubey

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    Stack the line. Pressure Bledsoe. Maybe roll coverage to TO. What else is new?
  15. jrumann59

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    I think JuJo will have an excellent game because he has confidence after the last game, the DL of washington is nicked and the only LB that can make plays for them is Washington. ST will either be forced to cover or on sidelines becuse his cover abilities are suspect.
  16. Tuna Helper

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    It is only a matter of time before Cooley is utilized in their offense. Saunders did a pretty good job with Tony Gonzalez in Kansas City.

    I just hope he doesn't come alive this weekend.
  17. lspain1

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    Washington's strategy is actually easier to formulate. Stop the run. Limit TO. Rush Bledsoe....wait for INTs to give the offense a short field.
  18. SkinsHokieFan

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    On defense: Stop the Cowboys on 1st and 2nd down. If anything BP has been conservative in his time in Dallas with the play calling. Sell out on the run on 1st and 2nd down and force 3rd and long. Hopefully this week GW just says screw it and blitzes Bledsoe

    On offense: Protect MB. Last year we gave up 5 sacks in Dallas. Play ball control and take the crowd out of the game. Then strike deep

    One more thing. If Antwan Randle El can get a big punt return, that could turn the tide of the game in our favor. If we want to come out with a win in Dallas, we are going to need a big time special teams play
  19. ghst187

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    I just want to see us:
    1) not throw stupid INTs at critical junctures
    2) Run the ball fairly well
    3) make easy field goals
    4) mix up the playcalling
    5) generate pressure on their QB for 4 Qtrs.

    woah....i may be asking for too much

    seriously though, we need to watch out for the WR screen to Moss, you can guarantee they will run that AT LEAST once, probably twice
    and Portis bouncing outside. That seems to hurt us the most in the running game and its exactly what he likes to do. Beware of the dump off and Brunell shuffle (him scrambling). Sounds odd, but I hate it when he takes off and gets a first down when they shouldn't have gotten one. I also HATE it when we cover everyone downfield like a blanket and are getting some pressue, then the QB moves around inside, or moves outside of, the pocket and dumps off to a WIDE OPEN RB out of the backfield that chipped Ellis or Ware two seconds earlier. We seem to leave the short middle wide open often. For some reason, probably TE routes, the LBs get cleared out completely. I'd expect someone to exploit that more than Jax did.
    Maybe our defense plays well against and stuffs the vanilla plays well because that's all they saw from our offense during training camp...?
  20. hooskins

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    I think a good thing for you guys would be run to open up the pass, which should probably be open either way as according to last game...

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