News: StrTgrm Galloway: Cowboys' season has moved past the crossroads

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    Randy Galloway

    ARLINGTON -- Choose one:

    (a) Season over? (b) Season at a crossroads? (c) Emmitt Smith comes out of retirement, circa 1993, and the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.

    The choice here is (a) because if you can find nine wins in the remaining 14 games, call Jerry Jones immediately. And that's assuming nine wins is the bottom-line number for making the playoffs, when it might be 10.

    Wade Phillips, actually being honest instead of the usual rah-rah B.S., picked (b) after the Cowboys' preseason expectations went up in a bonfire of lies here Sunday afternoon.

    "I think it is. I think it is a crossroads," Phillips said once the Chicago Bears had laid a 27-20 shocker on the Cowboys, sending the season spiraling into an 0-2 ditch.

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