News: StrTgrm Galloway:Leadership and accountability return, but don't lose to the Bears

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 19, 2010.

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    :cool: Gemini, a half decent article again by Galloway. If it hadn't come over two years late in recognition of competancy levels running high at Valley Ranch. At least since Jerry Jones had to recircle wagons at Cowboy headquarters yet again following the quitting of Bill Parcells.

    Colombo is still on the youthful side of adult physical maturities. His biggest obstacle was when Bill put out opportunity for his heart to gain strength. Colombo grabbed the opportunity and his 'Doc' was physical conditioning guru, Joe Juraszek. The most recent ankle damage and broken fibula have now been reforged. That he got his knee cleaned up should be an additional strengthening move at least at this point in his career.

    On Colombo, one would think that observers would have learned by now to not focus upon the unfriendly fire coming in, but the response and strength that has been learned in over coming that small fire fight. Colombo is now a tested veteran in the Dallas system. He doesn't get another Jerry failed another draft added to his stay with the Cowboys due to the label following him from Chicago!

    Galloway got a fresh scent of sweet flowers and had to refresh his own memories...LOL.:starspin
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    This makes way too much sense. He's basically what just about everyone else in the Cowboy nation is saying. So why can't Garrett just do it?

    If I was OC, Jones would have no less than 20 touches a game through the run and the pass. Do you think Mike Martz would use Jones?

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