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    ARLINGTON -- Jon Kitna might be down to his last start for the Dallas Cowboys.

    If Tony Romo is healthy enough to play the last two games, as it is beginning to look possible, Kitna won't be the starter at quarterback past Sunday against Washington.

    But at worst, he'll have won three of the possible eight starts in Romo's place with some 2,000 yards and at least 13 touchdowns in what amounts to half a season.

    Not bad numbers if doubled to account for a full season.

    But one number that wouldn't look so impressive would be the interception total. Kitna has thrown 10 interceptions in Romo's place, including two in Sunday night's 30-27 loss against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    Roy Williams slipped making his break on one INT and Austin wasn't ready to catch a pass on a quick slant and tipped up the other. It's kind of hard to criticize Kitna for those.

    The rest of the time his INT totals have been pretty good except his 1st game where he had I believe 3 tipped passes intercepted.

    Of course, Kitna has always thrown some INT's along with TD's, so that is a bit of what you get with him.
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    in all reality...all most all the int he has thrown hav been deflected by cowboy rec. 1st
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    Why play Romo at all? He's not healed yet. The team is not going to the playoffs. I don't know where this guy is getting the idea that Garrett wants to rush Tony back into service. It makes no sense.:confused:
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    "If Tony Romo is healthy enough to play the last two games, as it is beginning to look possible,"

    Hmmm. I heard Collinsworth say he talked with Romo and he can't even sleep on that side yet or even lay on it for any duration.

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