News: StrTgrm JFE:Jason Garrett will have to learn to tell GM Jerry Jones no

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Jerry Jones was back doing what Jerry Jones does best Friday, mucking up an already messy situation with words.

    He took to his weekly radio show to announce that many Super Bowl coaches had called in the past and delivered verbal résumés for his Cowboys job, which (a) is now not technically open, (b) kind of has Jason Garrett in place, (c) Garrett has yet to coach a single game, and (d) the announcement sort of undercuts him.

    Oh, that wacky Jerry and his unique take on being a "real" football guy. How is an NFL team to compete with his GM idiocy? Not at all, lately. So, of course, solutions have been flying fast and furious from my brethren.
    Fire Jerry Jones as GM. Better yet, have him step down voluntarily, death by 1,000 unbought Miller Lights and party passes.

    What genius ideas. Really. I cannot believe I did not think of this. And while we are deposing Jerry, why not also insist on pizza and beer being calorie free, and Santa coming four times a year, and college football crowning a real national champion.

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    Spot on for a change.
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    Hard to believe Garrett would ever flat out tell Jerry no & really mean it. Maybe he'd tell the GM no but never the owner. Unfortunately, Jerry's both and is a total disaster at the GM role.
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    Something tells me that Jerry is in a better mood to listen to advice these days.
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    Nothing to really argue with this article.

    I am waiting until after the season to pass judgement

    but I am not overly optimistic.
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    The media is way over the top on all this about we let the guy try to get through his first few days and an actual ball game in which he has a backup QB, several injured players, and a brand new DC.

    Standing up to Jerry on issues that have more to do with the offseason is way way down the list of priorities.

    After giving the team his "come to *****" speech about everyone being judged by how they play, I have a feeling Jerry turned it over to Garrett and probably wants to be as far away from this team's stinch as possible.
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    Jerry Jones the GM should be fired...
  8. ScipioCowboy

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    This franchise has managed to fall all way down the ladder in a span of just eight weeks. Amazing.

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