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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Jennifer Floyd Engel

    The Wonder Twins, or whatever DWade and his Super Friends in Miami have taken to calling themselves nowadays, mercifully stumbled through Dallas on Saturday.

    Literally stumbled. Big Mavs W.

    And mercifully because The Heat is a reminder of what a hot mess actually looks like, talent and expectations crumbling under the hubris of a self-important useful idiot like LeBron. The Cowboys, by comparison, are merely a mess trying to upgrade to a mess with potential.

    So why after an infinitely entertaining and closer- than-anybody-anticipated loss to New Orleans on Thanksgiving were so many so mad? A month ago, losing a game they should have won to a team nobody thought they could beat would have been progress. Now it is grounds for Terence Newman to be retired and Roy Williams to be dumped and interim coach Jason Garrett to be un-shortlisted, or at least if e-mail reaction is to be believed.

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    I think she is right on the money here.
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    By far the best article I've seen from her recently--not that that means all that much.
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    I agree -that is almost 2 good ones in a row---maybe JG is coaching the media too:)
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    she has been on the money all year really.
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    As much as she is vilified on this board, JFE is usually right. I concede her derisive nicknames often come off as petty and cheap, but she's a very good and very astute writer overall.

    I'll even pull out a larger ball of hate than she did in the article. I'll say that the Cowboys should beat the Colts team we watched last night. If the Cowboys can beat the Giants on the road and come back from a 17 point deficit against the world champs only to lose because a receiver got careless with the ball, the Cowboys should defeat the Colts.

    I expect a victory next Sunday at Lucas Oil stadium.
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    Isn't she like four games late with this column? Aren't all of those things what everyone said as soon as Garrett took over?

    Trying hard ... fewer mistakes ... win some games ... etc.

    And cutting any player who gives up on a play is unrealistic. I mean, if Dez Bryant gives up on a route for some reason, you're just going to cut him? Hardly.
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    I agree with Adam, about 3 weeks too late. And of course JFE shows off her professionalism by calling Lebron James an 'idiot.' I think Lebron is overrated and couldn't really care about him for the most part, but if I was a supposed professional writer I couldn't call him an idiot. And the editor should be ashamed of that as well, but the editor probably has no shame.

    As a writer, she's a loser.

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    She is?

    When does this happen?

    Y'know, if claim something will happen long enough, it's probably going to happen. That's how psychics stay in business. They don't really have psychic ability, they just know how to play the game.

    I have never seen anything she's ever written that has come off as astute, clever or ahead of the game. She's a dolt.

  11. nflandbooze

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    How could she watch the game, yet not understand why people got frustrated? Seems like a pretty simple concept to me. Dallas looked like they were about to seal the deal against the defending champs on Thanksgiving, and a strip and fumble was the beginning of the end with about 3:00 minutes left. I think fans have every right to get frustrated with the way it ended and they have every right to vent.

    Yeah, all things considered, we should probably find some solace in the final score. Then again, if you actually watched the game, why should we smile about the way it ended? The LBH needs to get real, but as usual, it's about stirring the pot. Can't knock her for knowing her craft, I suppose.
  12. AdamJT13

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    Because she's not a Cowboys fan and thinks we should all be pleased with a moral victory.

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