News: StrTgrm JFE:Just watching, Tony Romo can see winner developing for Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Jennifer Floyd Engel

    INDIANAPOLIS — Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo cannot sleep and, as a result, cannot play. Romo is a side sleeper and it tells him nightly his injured shoulder is not ready to return to Sunday pitch-and-catch duty.
    “Scrunched” is the very non-medical term Romo used and, as long as his shoulder does that when lying down, he is unavailable for football action. In all honesty, any sort of football duty for Romo again this season seems remote and highly dubious.

    Why risk newly jacking up The Franchise’s shoulder simply because he wants to play? And while Romo hates watching, he says he loves what he’s seeing.
    From his Cowboys teammates. And from interim coach Jason Garrett.
    “Winning and losing, that matters,” Romo said. “And from that perspective, nobody can argue with Jason Garrett.”

    Scoreboard says it all: 3 Ws, 1 L in the very brief JG era.

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    I'm predicting that for the next ten years at least, she will make cupcake references in her articles.

    It's ok to let it go, JFE.
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    You so that but the ongoing cupcake metality is why we were so horrible. The only difference that JG made is that now he can go over mistakes on the field and run more physical practices. His accountability to and from the players is why we are winning now. He can call more run plays now because we are executing better and that comes from going over your blocking assignments in practice until you get it right.... not waiting for film the next day.
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    I predict there will be several references a year on this forum also, and if it prevents Jerry from hiring another "cupcake", then I'm all for it.

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