News: StrTgrm: 'Kit' looked more like 'Vick' in Dallas Cowboys' win

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 22, 2010.

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    ARLINGTON -- Jon Kitna's teammates call him "Kit." The Dallas Cowboys quarterback laughed at the new nickname hung on him Sunday. After running for a 29-yard touchdown, and outgaining running back Marion Barber, Kitna looked more like "Vick" than "Kit."

    Truth be told, Kitna might have felt like the 38-year-old pocket passer he is supposed to be after his gallop to the end zone with 3:17 remaining, icing a 35-19 victory over the Detroit Lions.

    "I was still tired from the runs in the third quarter. I don't think I ever caught my breath," Kitna said, "So, yeah, I was definitely tired after that one."

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    Let's not get carried away.
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    Vinny Testaverde once rushed for 105 yards in a game, including a 48-yard TD run.
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    Squats more, too.
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    Kitna played as I expected him to while Wade was still HC. He's a good backup--certainly the best we've had since our SB years. In fact I'm surprised he's still standing after 2-1/2 games under Wade.

    Under Garrett, Kitna has stepped up his play along with many on the team. Gotta think it was Garrett's demands for toughness from this team, accountability & playing with discipline & smarts. Frankly, I really believe Wade lost this team back in preseason--whether he or the players realized it or not.

    But Kitna will never be able to challenge Romo. After all, Romo managed to pick up a win against the Texans while Wade was still the HC. Can only imagine how well he would have done now that Garrett is in charge.

    Some question Romo's leadership. Well there seems to be no question re his leadership by some on this team. About 1-1/2 weeks ago, one of the players (Ware?) stated that Romo wanted the offense to redo some mistakes made in practice so same mistakes wouldn't be repeated in real game. However, Wade didn't want that done cause he didn't like the idea. It just wasn't his way. Gotta to wonder how often leadership efforts were made but shot down by Wade cause he didn't want something done differently from his way.

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